Extended Care

ProtoCall - A new initiative by Bowdoin that will provide students with prompt and effective mental health counseling after hours and on the weekends.

After careful consideration, the Counseling Service is pursuing a partnership with ProtoCall. This is a service staffed by licensed counselors holding doctorates or master’s degrees. ProtoCall is used by approximately 150 other colleges and universities, including many of Bowdoin's peers.

To access a counselor when the Counseling Center is closed, students will call (207) 725-3145 and then press “1”.  [It is no longer necessary to call Security to contact the on- call counselor.]

The caller will immediately be connected to a licensed clinician who is familiar with the Bowdoin campus and who can provide therapeutic consultation and intervention options. Counseling Services' confidentiality policies and procedures apply to any conversation with ProtoCall counselors. The Counseling Service will receive a report the next day so they can follow up with the student as needed. Members of the Bowdoin Counseling Services staff will be contacted in emergency situations requiring in-person engagement, as determined by a mental health professional

The addition of ProtoCall will help Bowdoin ensure high quality, efficient, confidential access to mental health resources for students 24/7. This service, along with traditional individual counseling sessions, group and class offerings, and wellness initiatives will further expand the ways in which we provide mental health resources to students. More information about additional efforts that are underway can be found on this site.

Counseling Services welcomes your feedback, input, and any programming ideas you want to suggest for keeping the campus healthy and well. Thank you!