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Common Hour

Fall 2010

Friday, September 10

Stephen Cerf

Steven Cerf, Karofsky Faculty Encore Lecture | Listen to this podcast
Hearing My Grandparents' Voices: Their Letters Before Deportation
This year, Steven Cerf is celebrating his fortieth year on the Bowdoin College faculty.  He earned his bachelor of arts degree from Queens College, CUNY and his doctorate degree at Yale University.  As a "survivor child," Cerf finds the Holocaust a challenging field of study both professionally and personally.  In 1978-1979, he joined a self-help group of "survivor children" at Indiana University.  Since 1984, he has regularly taught "Holocaust and Imaginative Writing."  He has conducted workshops throughout Maine on Crematoria Poetry, Anne Frank, Night and Fog, and Jackson's Closing Arguments at Nuremberg.  Cerf has advised many honors projects on Holocaust-related topics in the Department of German.  His publications on the Holocaust include a co-edited annotated edition of Richard von Weizsäcker's Eighth of May Speech, extended encyclopedic essays on Holocaust-related imaginative writers, a pedagogical article on the teaching of the Holocaust, and sundry book reviews.  He is dedicating his Common Hour talk to the memory of his parents, Hans and Kate Cerf.
Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center

Friday, September 24

Andy Serwer

Andy Serwer '81, Managing Editor, FORTUNE Magazine | Listen to this podcast
Andy Serwer was named managing editor of FORTUNE in October 2006, responsible for overseeing and directing the multi-media proposition, including not only the bi-weekly magazine but its brand representations on the Internet, on television, and radio. Due to his success as business anchor of CNN's American Morning news show, Serwer also continues to be a regular contributor on a variety of programs produced by CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and other broadcast outlets. He was named 2000 Business Journalist of the Year by TJFR Business News Reporter, which called him "perhaps the nation's top multimedia talent, successfully juggling the roles of serious journalist, astute commentator and occasional court jester. He's a prototype and inspires others in business journalism to test their skills in other media."  Photo by Karsten Moran '05.
Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center

Friday, October 15 Katy Payne

Katy Payne, Animal Communication Researcher
Eavesdropping on elephants and other large animals with surprising  consequences
Katy Payne has been studying the sounds and languages of African elephants and humpback whales—two of the world’s largest animals—for decades, but she’s also been listening to their silences. Her discoveries have led her to fascinating meditations on stillness, cognition, and how acoustic phenomena shape relationships and communities. Though she’d been listening to the songs of humpback whales since the 1960s, it wasn’t until a trip to the Portland Zoo in 1984 that Payne realized elephants are also communicating in an unexpected way. Payne described her experiences in Central African forests in the book Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants, and in 1999 she founded the Elephant Listening Project to help ensure her subjects’ future. Through sound and video clips, her research team aims to monitor elephants’ welfare and movements, as well as track the effectiveness of conservation efforts. Payne is currently affiliated with the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University’s Laboratory of Ornithology.
With support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs.
Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center

Friday, October 22 Student Performances

Student Performances, Parents Weekend
Entertain your parents and join us for dance, poetry, and a capella performances by Bowdoin's very own student groups. Don't miss this popular Common Hour!
Morrell Gymnasium

Friday, November 19 Peter Athans

Peter Athans, Himalayan Mountaineer
Beyond Everest to the Secrets of Shangri-La 
Perhaps the most successful and modest American Everest Climber ever, Peter Athans is known in some circles simply as “Mr. Everest.” Since 1985, he has led fifteen expeditions, attempted five different routes from the Tibetan and Nepalese sides of the mountain, and on seven occasions has attained the summit, more than any other western climber. In 1997, Athans received the David A. Sowles award for his dramatic rescue efforts high on Everest, assisting two frostbitten and exhausted climbers. Over a twenty-year period, Athans has been active on each continent. He has led expeditions to Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Manaslu, K2, and has succeeded in forging a new line up the rarely climbed south face and ridge of Annapurna's South Peak. Athans is a member of The North Face Design and Development team and is a high altitude film-maker, earning him credits on films for NOVA, the National Geographic Society, and in the feature film Seven Years in Tibet.
Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center

Friday, December 3 Student Chamber Ensembles Concert

Student Chamber Ensembles Concert
Please join us for a relaxing afternoon of wonderful music performed by students in the Bowdoin Department of Music.
Studzinski Recital Hall, Kanbar Auditorium