Independent Projects

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester Independent Projects


Elizabeth Baker
Muddy Buddies: Bacterial diversity increases in sediment associated with Zostera marina beds

Benjamin Felser
No flow, no grow: The impact of flow on metabolic scaling and growth in a colonial ascidian

Scott Kuhnle
Dont Stop My Flow: Effects of Flow Rates and Siphon Dimensions on Mercenaria mercenaria

Mindy Leder
The impact of predator scent cues and prolonged darkness on the growth, morphology, and respiration of Semibalanus balanoides

Anna Messinger
It’s getting hot in here: predicting ocean warming effects on predator-prey interaction and community structure through consumption and metabolism of Nucella lapillus and Mytilus edulis.

Hannah Randazzo
Down in arms: ocean acidification inhibits growth and calcification of regenerating Asterias forbesi arms

Sophie Walton
An Analysis of Energy Tradeoffs in Mytilus edulis: If Mytilus edulis Thicken Their Shells to Defend Against Carcinus maenus, Do Their Defenses to Asterias forbesi Weaken?  

Kaya Wurtzel
Impact of Flow and Grouping on Placopectin magellanicus Growth

Hannah Zuklie
Resilient rasping radula: assessing Nucella lapillus-Mytilus edulis predator-prey interactions with ocean acidification


Brendan Murtha
Gulls be Gone: Assessing the impacts of Larus sp. predation on intertidal community structure in Harpswell Sound, Maine

James O'Shea
Rocky intertidal community structure in the Gulf of Maine

Ayana Harscoet
Smells Fishy: Investigating the olfactory response of juvenile lobsters to cod under increased temperatures

Katherine Bacall
Unsettling snails: Nucella lapillus predation on Spirorbis settlement behavior and habitat selection

Katie Galletta
Boring science? The effect of urchin predation on boring sponge morphology

Julian Garrison
Salt in the wound: Relationship between salinity gradients, stomatal morphology, and epigenetics in the common reed, Phragmites australis

Hannah Konkel
Home is where the heterozygotes are: How do the life histories of L. saxatilis, and L. obtusata affect population differentiation between exposed and protected sites?

Annie Curtis-Dyck
Carbon sequestration in seagrass beds; What's all the fuss about?

Marie Caspard
pH effects on Saccharina latissima photosythetic efficiency and ocean acidification amelioration potential

Graham Bendickson
Living in a Changing Ocean: Warming and food availability's impact on stored lipid weight in a Calanoid copepod


Clayton Starr
The rise of a Super Snail: The effects of temperature and acidity on Nucella lapillus feeding rates

David Anderson
A battle of the wits: comparing the learning ability of the invasive crab Carcinus maenas to the native crab Cancer inornatus in the Gulf of Maine

Hugh Cipparone 
Wild Crabs of the North: Optimal prey selection and distinct populations of the European Green Crab

Charlotte Nash
Phragmites australis Invasion Impacts on Zonation and Carbon Sequestration of a Restored Brackish Tidal Marsh

Patrick Warner
Getting Fishy: Fish Populations in Harpswell Sound

Zakir Bulmer
Stressed-out Lobsters: Thermal Stress, Microbes, and the American Lobster, Homarus americanus

Jesse Dunn
Living with this mess: symbiosis in aquaculture to cope with ocean acidification

Claire Goffinet
Plastic accumulation within stomach content of Fundulus heteroclitus in Maine coastal waters

Caroline Godfrey
Munching on Microplastics: Consumption Rate of Polystyrene Microplastics in the Intertidal Copepod Tigriopus californicus


Sam Walkes
Testing desiccation stresses and visual predation as mechanisms for maintaining a potential color polymorphism cline 

Meret Beutler
Saving the snails: how feeding preferences of Carcinus maenas on Littorina littorea may determine the survival of Ilyanassa obsoleta

Caroline Carter
Is the European Periwinkle invasion really from Europe?

Anna Blaustein
Does Mytilus edulis ingest and process the microplastics in Harpswell Sound?

Maya Morduch-Toubman
Finding an Easy and Efficient Method of Growing Microalgage for Biofuel: The Effect of Difference in Light and Nitrogen on Phaeodactylum tricornutum Lipid Production 

Isaac Schuchat
Multiple Species Interactions in Harpswell Sound Lobster Traps

Jonathan Harrison
Fundulus heteroclitus lateralization efficacy in response to rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification 

Amber Rock
The Effects of Climate Change Stressors on the Sea Star, Asterias forbesi, Regeneration

Jackie Ricca
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Shell Resource and Assessment Behavior of Hermit Crab Pagarus longicarpus

Ripley Mayfield
The Effects of Eutrophication and Oxygen Depletion on Bioluminescence in the Tropical Dinoflagellate Pyrocystis lunula

Elizabeth Givens
Predation of the softshell clam Mya arenaria by the nemertean worm 

Hanna Miller
Mya arenaria and the impact of sediment pore water


Madeline Schuldt
Disease on the Half Shell: Prevalence of the protistan pathogen MSX in oysters throughout coastal Maine

Andrew R. Villeneuve
D. vexillum genetic diversity in GOM It’s snot funny: Genetic diversity and invasion scenarios of Didemnum vexillum in the Gulf of Maine

Emily Bodell
The Effects of Nutrient Addition and Phytoplankton interactions on Ascophyllum nodosum from the Gulf of Maine

Alana Luzzio
Examining the Relationship Between Environmental Parameters and Bivalve Abundance in the Gulf of Maine

Aidan Coyle
Osmolyte Transport in Phytoplankton: Response to Salinity Shifts

Samantha Garvey 
Is it getting hot in here? The effects of shell shape and color to rocky intertidal temperature adaptation in Nucella lapillus