Housing and Meals

Students participating in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester reside on the main Bowdoin campus, eleven miles from the Schiller Coastal Studies Center, and travel by shuttle to and from the center, Monday through Friday.

Students eat breakfast on the main campus and bring a Bowdoin Express lunch to the SCSC. In addition, snacks and drinks are provided in the farmhouse kitchen.

Previous BMSS alumni have successfully managed some extracurricular activities, including sports teams and clubs, but it is important for students considering the semester to know that the BMSS immersion lifestyle frequently requires a commitment beyond scheduled Monday-Friday class time. Extensive travel can put BMSS "on the road" on weekends and holidays, and a required independent research project is time-intensive and demanding. 

The field trip schedule changes by year, but is generally well mapped out by the end of the spring semester preceding the BMSS. The entire experience is designed to provide the motivated student with the opportunity to live the lifestyle of a practicing marine scientist, including remarkable opportunities in the field, lab, and with our collaborators in Maine and abroad.