Application Process & Forms

We welcome families to contact us with their interest in the Center and questions about enrollment. All families are guided to complete an application form available on the website and submit it with a $25 application fee to hold a space on the waiting list. The waiting list is carefully managed for both Bowdoin families and community families. Families may contact us about their place on the waitlist however for community families, this is variable because of college family enrollment. Infant and young toddler slots are in the highest demand and often are the most difficult to secure. A family may enroll to place an infant on the waiting list up to 8 months in advance of the child’s birth.

As a family’s name rises on the waiting list, we offer them a visit to the program including a tour of the facility and a meeting with the director. We open the Center to all interested families on a Saturday in November (this date is posted on the website) in order for them to tour the facility and see the physical site. We keep the program closed to prospective families who are not immediately in line for a slot in order to minimize the disruption to the children and educators during their day. If your name is on the waitlist, we will contact you to invite you to the open house each November or we will contact you if space becomes available.