Enrollment Policy

Initial Visit and the Waiting List

We welcome families to contact us with their interest in the Center and questions about enrollment. All families are guided to complete an application form available on the website and submit it with a $25 application fee to hold a space on the waiting list.  A family may enroll to place an infant on the waiting list up to 8 months in advance of the child’s birth. We open the Center to all interested families on a Saturday in November (this date is posted on the website) in order for them to tour the facility and see the physical site.  Throughout the year, we keep the program closed to prospective families who are not immediately in line for a slot in order to minimize the disruption to the children and educators during their day.

The waiting list is carefully managed for both Bowdoin families and community families.  All families are kept current on our list serve and receive emails from us intermittently through the year.  Families may contact us about their place on the waiting list; however, for community families, positions may vary because of Bowdoin College family enrollment.  As a family’s name rises on the waiting list, we offer them a visit to the program that includes a tour of the facility and a meeting with the director.

Enrolling children

The Children’s Center values and appreciates a strong relationship with all families.  Contracts with families are considered annually.  Community spots are offered in light of the Bowdoin demand for slots.  Preference for a slot will be given in this order: to Bowdoin College families currently enrolled in the program, Bowdoin College students, faculty and staff of Bowdoin College who are enrolling a new sibling and have children who will be enrolled for the next academic year, new children of Bowdoin College faculty and staff, returning community families, siblings of present community families, siblings of past community families, and then new community families. If a community member’s contract is not renewed, they will have the option to place their name at the top of the Community wait list for the next year.

Considering the number of days for your family

If families wish to reduce their annual contract after March 31 they are welcome to put this request in writing.  If another family will contract for those days, then the contract can be reduced.  If there isn’t anyone who is interested in adding extra days then the family maintains their contract and the financial responsibility for those days.

If a family signs an annual contract for less than 5 days a week we advise that careful consideration is given to this, as adding an additional day may be very difficult from one year to the next.  We advise parents of infants and young toddlers to consider not only the number of days they want immediately but also the number of days they may want in future years as flexibility for adding days may not be available.

Enrolling Infants:

BCCC enrolls infants as young as three months old. There are several considerations for this including the risk of fever, the resutling testing due to a fever, and the exposure to illness in group care. We use information from our pediatric health consultant as a guide for determining this age entry.

Enrolling children in full time or part time slots

Each room offers full and part time slots for enrollment.  After enrolling the children who are currently in the Center, we move to enrolling children on the waiting list. Families may choose to enroll their child in a part time slot if there is one available that compliments the remaining days of a full-time slot.  The following is an outline of the number and types of part time slots that can be available for parents to choose on a first come first serve basis.

  • Infants: 1, 3-day slot and 1, 2-day slot
  • YT /OT: 1, 3-day slots and 2, 2-day slots
  • PS: 3, 3-day and 3, 2-day slots

Because the 2 and 3-day slots compliment each other we suggest that

  • 3 day slots could be: M,W,F; M,T,W; T, Th, F; or M, T, Th
  • 2 day slots could be: T, Th; Th, Fri; M, W; or W, F

Enrollment Contracts:

  • Contracts for the academic year enrollment
  • 10-month (mid August  – mid June) and
  • full-year contracts (mid August – mid August) are due by March 31 of that year. 
  • During this enrollment period, parents of part-time children can negotiate new schedules for the next year as slots become available.
  • Parents may submit their sabbatical plans (in February) for the following year. 
  • Contracts are written to reflect the enrollment requests each family makes.  These are binding contracts so please refer to their wording and terms.
  • Infants who are enrolled for mid August of the following academic year may enroll during the summer months (mid June – mid August) if there is a space available and they are at least 6 weeks old.

Summer enrollment:

Bowdoin College families may choose to sign 10-month or 12-month contract. In order to take advantage of this benefit they must sign a contract for the correct number of months. In the event that parents withdraw their child for the summer, they will place pay a retainer fee of 25% of their monthly tuition to hold the slot for this period.

Sabbatical policy:

Faculty who are on sabbatical may leave the Center for up to one year and return to their slot.  In order to engage in this benefit, families must:

  • Notify the Center Director by February of the next enrollment year,  (This is at least 6 months notice so that a space can be filled by another child for this year).
  • Place a signed sabbatical contract agreeing to its terms in their file. If a parent would like to enroll for the summer program after an academic sabbatical, they may have that opportunity as a slot becomes available.
  • Pay 25% of their monthly tuition each month to hold their slot while on sabbatical. 
  • Return to pay tuition to the Center at the beginning of the next academic calendar year at the latest.  If a family has an extended sabbatical (beyond 12 months), they can discuss arrangements with the administrator.
  • Each Bowdoin family in the Center is able to use this benefit regardless of their affiliation to the College.  (If a spouse is taking sabbatical from a different institution and the other spouse is a Bowdoin staff employee, this would apply to them as well).   Community members are not offered this benefit.

Enrollment Contracts and Tuition:

Enrollment Deposit

Parents must pay a non-refundable enrollment deposit to secure their child’s place in the program. The Children’s Center retains the original enrollment deposit to be used towards the program.  The deposit shall be credited toward tuition obligation for the last month of the Enrollment Period.  However, the deposit may be forfeited upon early withdrawal (prior to the completion of the Enrollment Period), or for unmet financial obligations.

Employee Discount Program:

The Bowdoin College Children Center strives to provide childcare for a variety of families in the
Bowdoin Community. The tuition cost for the Center, while competitive, can be a barrier to some
employees. To allow for employees at all salary levels to utilize the Center a discounted1 rate will be
reviewed annually for a limited number of full-time2 child openings, based on need and availability of
This program is available to five benefits eligible employees of the College. The discount (25% for
2017-2018 contract year) is available for full-time openings or for multiple part-time slots in one
family. Employees must have a combined adjusted gross income of $75,6003 or less. Eligibility will be
reviewed on an annual basis by April 30 preceding the contract year or at such time a family reports a
significant change to their earnings.
If interested in participating in the Employee Discount Program please forward your request to be
considered, to Human Resources (HR), after your tax information is prepared any time before April
30, 2017. If you find that you are unable to follow through with your contract after that conversation,
you may withdraw your contract from the Center with no penalty by April 30, 2017.
Annually, the College will evaluate the availability of openings that will be eligible for the discount.
Families who received the discount previously are considered for the next year. Then it is on a firstcome-
first-serve basis.

  • Once a spot in the Children’s Center has been offered to a family, the employee interested in receiving the discount will contact HR to determine income and employment status eligibility.
  • The employee will provide HR with a copy of the latest federal tax form(s) showing combined family4 adjusted gross income (AGI) and/or will provide information regarding any extenuating circumstances that might be considered in the eligibility decision.
  • HR will then determine eligibility based on employment status and AGI, with final approval by the VP of Human Resources.
  • The Director of the Children’s Center is notified by HR of the final decision and, if approved, will draft a contract reflecting the discount.


Employee discounts are considered taxable income. The College grosses up the discounted amount and then covers both
the gross up and tax all of which is included in the employee’s annual earnings. This will appear in the employee’s regular
Full-time or equivalent of (e.g. a family with one child five days per week or a family with more than one child, each parttime,
equivalent to five days per week.)
The AGI threshold of families with multiple children concurrently enrolled at the Center will be reviewed on a case by case
Where there are two parents and they are filing separately both tax returns must be presented.

New Family enrollment

If you are new to the Center, you already will have toured the facility with the Director, reviewed the Family Handbook and some of the important policies, signed contracts, and determined billing information.  Prior to your child’s first day, you and your child may visit the new room on several occasions. This offers parent and child an opportunity to find a place to explore the room together, and to develop a “goodbye” ritual to use. 

When parents feel comfortable in their child’s space and when they share it with their children, everyone begins to see the room as an extension of home life and an experience with their family.  When a child has the opportunity to share their room with their family, it can make the experience of separating and spending the day apart more manageable.  We invite parents to speak with us about this in order to understand this practice more.

During the initial enrollment period, primary educators will provide families with a home visit.  This is an opportunity to become more familiar with the routines and expectations of the program, to acquaint yourself with the primary educator, and to have your questions answered about the room.  Often the older children enjoy seeing an primary educator at their home so that they can share their things and experiences with them.

Enrollment Materials

The following forms must be completed for your child’s initial enrollment in our program:

  • Enrollment Contract
  • Personal Information Form
  • Emergency Contact Information Card (“Pink Card”)
  • Child Health Assessment Form
  • Permission to Participate Form

Individual Emergency care plans will be completed for children with known medical or developmental problems that might require special care in an emergency

We will make sure that all emergency information, your child’s immunization forms, and health insurance information are kept updated by asking you to review them in January and June. 

Re-enrollment materials

If your child is currently enrolled at the Center, the following forms must be completed at the beginning of each year:

  • Enrollment contract
  • Personal Information Form (only if your child is changing programs)
  • Emergency Contact Information Card
  • Updated Child Health Assessment Form or Updated Immunization Form
  • Permission to Participate Form

In the event that pertinent information changes such as new cell numbers, new work numbers, new address, and/or new emergency contact information, please let us know.