Infant Program: Overview


The infant room is a large space that is divided up into small sections. There is a welcome area where parents can keep and store extra belongings and car seats. There is also a quiet area with rocking chairs for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. There is a designated diapering area, food prep area and an area for eating at small tables as the infants grow into that. The back part of the room is gated off and is designated for the infant play space. This space changes and different materials are offered as the infants develop but holding the space as a quiet, sacred space for their play remains the same. There is a deck and a grassy play space directly attached to the room to provide daily outdoor experiences.

There are 8 infants in the room each day with a team of 4 educators. The children range in age from 8 weeks to 12 months. The educators have 2-3 primary children where attachment based caregiving can take place. Much emphasis is on these primary care relationships as well as freedom of movement and an infant’s natural rhythms.