2015 Honors Recipients

2014 Honors Recipients

Amanda Howard '15

  Amanda Howard '15

Characterization and Quantification of AST-C Peptides in Homarus americanus Using Mass Spectrometry

Max KostykMaxim Kostyk '15

Synthesis of a Phenylphosphabenzene Ligand for the improvement of a Cobalt-Based α-Olefin Dimerization Catalyst

Thomas KramerThomas Kramer '15

Coordination of 8-quinoly-3-methylcylopentadiene to Cobalt: Developing an Organometallic Catalyst for the Selective Dimerization of Linear α-Olefins

Henry PrattHenry Pratt '15

Characterization of Glycosylated CPRP Neuroprptides in the American Lobster Homarus americanus Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry