Russian Overview

Laura Henry, Department Chair

Tammis L. Donovan, Department Coordinator

Visiting Faculty: Michael Klimov, Kristina Toland

Requirements for the Major in Russian Language and Literature

The Russian major consists of ten courses (eleven for honors). These include Russian 1101 {101}, 1102 {102}, 2203 {203}, and 2204 {204}; four courses in Russian higher than Russian 2204 {204}; and two approved courses in either Russian literature in translation or Eurasian/East European culture, or approved related courses in government, history, or economics (e.g., History 2108 {218}, The History of Russia, 1825–1936).

Interdisciplinary Major

The department participates in an interdisciplinary major in Eurasian and East European studies.  

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to spend at least one semester in Russia. There are several approved Russian-language programs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, and other cities that are open to all students who have taken the equivalent of two or three years of Russian. Programs should be discussed with the Russian department. Students returning from study abroad will be expected to take two courses in the department unless exceptions are granted by the chair. Two of the four semester credits from a one-semester study abroad program may be counted toward both the Eurasian and East European major and the Russian major; four credits may be counted toward a Russian major from a year-long program. Students who wish to transfer credit from summer study abroad should gain approval of their plans in advance; refer to Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions.

Advanced Independent Study

This is an option intended for students who wish to work on honors projects or who have taken advantage of all the available regular course offerings and wish to work more closely on a particular topic already studied. Independent study is not an alternative to regular course work. Application should be made to a member of the department prior to the semester in which the project is to be undertaken and must involve a specific proposal in an area in which the student can already demonstrate basic knowledge. Two semesters of advanced independent studies are required for honors in Russian. Petition for an honors project must be made in the spring of the junior year.

Requirements for the Minor in Russian

The minor consists of seven courses (including the first two years of Russian).

Courses Taught in English Translation

The department offers courses in English that focus on Russian history, literature, and culture. These may be taken by non-majors and include a series of 200-level courses: Russian 2220–2251 {220–251}.