Campus Life

A Network for Life

As a student, you will spend "the best four years of your life" on Bowdoin's tree-lined campus in Maine.  As a graduate, you'll become part of the strong and vibrant network of Bowdoin alumni who have assumed leadership roles at organizations around the world.  Bowdoin maintains a wide array of programs to help students make the transition from Bowdoin student to Bowdoin alum.  One thing is certain, with one of the most active alumni communities of any college in the United States, Bowdoin graduates always feel the College's resources behind them in whatever task they undertake.

Geoffrey Canada

Geoffrey Canada '74
President/CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone

Geoffrey Canada is a visionary educator and advocate for children and community redevelopment. He grew up in the South Bronx, graduated from Bowdoin in the class of 1974, and earned a master’s degree in education at Harvard University in 1975. In 1983 he began working in New York with the Rheedlen Centers for Children and Families, an inner-city human services agency, and became president/CEO in 1990. The Harlem Children’s Zone initiative was launched in 1997 in a sixty-block area of central Harlem to provide children and their families with the kinds of support and resources that can transform lives and communities. U.S. News and World Report named Canada one of “America’s Best Leaders” in 2005. Last year New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg chose him to be co-chair of a task force assigned to reduce poverty in the city. He is the recipient of the Heinz Award in the Human Condition, a 2005 Liberty Medal, and Bowdoin’s 1993 Common Good Award.  Read Newsweek Magazine's profile »

Kelley Kerney

Kelly Kerney '02
Nationally Acclaimed Author

In the ultra-competitive literary landscape, hundreds of debut novels are published each year to little fanfare. It's extraordinary for a new author to get one major review, let alone the string of significant acclamations tallied up for the first novel by Kelly Kerney '02. Born Again, was published by Harcourt in September and has received excellent reviews by the San Francisco Chronicle and Entertainment Weekly, was starred by Kirkus Review, and is scheduled for review by The New York Times in October. Following the often hilarious journey of a young Christian fundamentalist named Mel who comes to terms with Darwinism, Born Again has been praised by renowned authors such as Margot Livesey, William O'Rourke, and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russo. Read the full story »

Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill ’74
United States Ambassador to Iraq

Christopher Hill is a career foreign service officer who served as Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in the Bush administration.  He led the U.S. delegation to the 2007 six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear issue.  Hill earlier served as a negotiator in the crises in Bosnia and Kosovo.  Married with three children — one of whom is a current Bowdoin sophomore — Hill earned his master's degree at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I., and today speaks Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian and Albanian. As a frequent visitor to the Bowdoin campus, he often speaks to students about diplomacy and the intricate negotiations he has been a part of over the course of his remarkable career.  Read the Bowdoin Magazine interview »

Jane Petrick Lavino

Jane Petrick Lavino ’82
Curator, National Museum of Wildlife Art

From the National Museum of Wildlife Art, perched on a butte in Jackson, Wyoming, Jane Lavino looks out over the 25,000-acre National Elk Refuge, home to more than 7,500 elk and a staggering array of other animals and birds. "The museum is located within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem," she explains, "which is sometimes referred to as 'the Serengeti of North America.' We have spotting scopes set up by the windows. It's quite a show sometimes

"The opportunity to view such a variety of wildlife at close range in their natural habitat, and then to see the artistic interpretations in our museum, provides a fantastic experience for visitors." As curator of education, Jane oversees all aspects of learning at the museum. She and her staff conceptualize, teach, and evaluate programs such as educational tours, symposia, studio classes, teacher workshops, film and lecture series, artist-in-residence programs, Web site curriculum, and games, as well as oversee the educational materials that accompany museum exhibitions. (Check out the amazing features at the educational section of the museum's Web site: Read the full story »

Dave Fogler

Dave Fogler ’90
Model Maker/Sculptor, Industrial Light & Magic

Hunched at the edge of a studio table, Dave Fogler studies the details of something that doesn't exist. It doesn't look right; it won't fly. A chunk of clay crash-lands on the drawing board but, like its creator, is destined for lofty things. Growing up in New England reality, Dave Fogler might not have imagined that his sphere of influence would some day extend from rural Maine into the realm of other galaxies.

Celestial influence could be one way to explain Dave's spin through Brunswick, where he graduated from Bowdoin as a Studio Art/Art History major. He worked extensively with Professor Mark Wethli, who he credits in large part for getting him where he is today. Focusing on printmaking, painting, and drawing, Dave also "did a bit of singing, mastered the flannel shirt, and notably never paid any attention to the school's film and video offerings," he notes with a touch of irony. "Actually, I did take a film history class but, needless to say, there were attendance conflicts." Read the full story »

Advising, Career Planning, & Networking

Career Planning

Bowdoin Career Planning encourages students to begin the career exploration process as early as the first year, with a focus on engagement by the end of the sophomore year.  Our team of Career Advisers leverage their own professional experiences as they assist students to explore their skills, values, and interests; gain experience via networking, interviewing and summer internships; and pursue full-time employment or graduate study in a chosen field.  A robust network of online services complement our personal one-on-one advising approach. read more »

Health Profession Advising

Bowdoin College offers an excellent academic preparation for a career in the health professions, and each student receives assistance in selecting an appropriate path through the curriculum.  The Office of Health Professions Advising helps undergraduates and alumni investigate their options in health care, and guides and supports candidates through the application process to graduate professional programs. read more »

Graduate School Advising

Bowdoin Career Planning assists students in their search for a graduate or professional school program across a range of pursuits.  Among our popular areas of focus, our pre-law advisor works with students from the earliest stages of the process through application.  We also collaborate with students and faculty advisors as students prepare for graduate school in fields related to their Bowdoin degrees.  Many Bowdoin graduates gain a few years of work experience before continuing on to an advanced degree. read more »

Fellowships & Research Advising

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research is an essential resource for students interested in pursuing research during their undergraduate years or seeking information about nationally competitive fellowships such as Fulbright, Marshall and Rhodes. read more »

Alumni Clubs

Currently, there are Clubs in locations as close to Bowdoin as Bath-Brunswick and as distant as Hong Kong.  Bowdoin Clubs comprise all alumni, widows/widowers of alumni, honorary degree recipient, and parents of Bowdoin students.  Bowdoin Clubs exist to provide avenues for Club members to remain close to the College and to one another, to enable the renewal of old friendships, the establishment of new ones, and the rekindling of school spirit.  Bowdoin Clubs achieve this by providing opportunities for alumni to keep in touch and strengthen alumni ties to Bowdoin through social, cultural, athletic, educational and volunteer programs.