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Managing your Bowdoin Event

Once you've scheduled a location for your Bowdoin event you can use this online tool to enhance its presentation and availability. You can:

FAQs about Event Promotion

  • I created an event but it doesn't appear in my list of events on the Promotion Tool.  Why not?
    Most likely this event wasn't set up to be viewed on the Web.  Contact the Events department and make sure the event is set to "Confirmed-On Web."
  • I updated an event and I see the changes in the Promotional Tool, but when I look on it on the website, it still shows the old information.
    The Online Calendar uses a system of caching data to prevent redundant calls to the Calendar database.  Because of this, changes you make may take up to 15 minutes to reflect on the website. 
  • How do I work with past events?
    Look for the "View events back to" text and click inside the text field below.  A calendar will appear that you may roll back to the date you need.  Select a date and then click the list button.
  • I try to update an event description and after I enter the text, the description just shows as blank or three dots (...)
    The most common cause is that the event lacks an "Event Details" field on the back end.  Contact the Events department and make sure this field exists.  If the problem persists, there may be some character or text in your description that is causing the tool to error. 
  • Why can't I paste descriptions straight from MS-Word?  What is this "Paste from Word" button about?
    MS Word tries to maintain its own formatting which then appears strangely when pasted into a web page.  Using the "Paste from Word" tool prevents this from happening.
  • I recommended my event to another calendar (Featured Events, etc.) but it didn't appear.  Why not?
    When you recommend an event, it is only a recommendation.  It is possible that the owner of that calendar did not think your event belonged on their calendar or that the calendar owner just didn't get around to adding it.  The recommendation tool is only meant as a convenience.  You should always feel free to contact the calendar owner directly about having your event added. 
  • What are the requirements for having an event appear in Featured Events calendar?
    Featured events must have:  1. a picture  2. summary text and 3. description.  Featured events are overseen by the Office of Communications and they may choose to not include your event if it doesn't meet their current needs.  As always, feel free to contact the calendar owner about including your event.
  • What does the "S" next to the date of an event on the tagging screen mean?
    The "S" is just a shorthand to show that this particular event has summary text, just as the tiny icon indicates it has a picture.