Students may pay their bills by the semester due date, by installment payment plan over the course of the semester, with student/parent loans, or by combining these options.

For further questions concerning your tuition statement, please contact the Bursar’s Office at 207-725-3249 or

Please note that Bowdoin does not accept credit cards in payment of student bills.

Online Billing & Payment System

Tuition bills for current students are available online using the login access provided below.  Students who owe a balance after they graduate or otherwise permanently leave the College receive paper bills, since access to the online system ends when their Bowdoin network logins are deactivated.  

Access Your Account Statement
Student Login

Students log in using Bowdoin network username and password.

Authorized Payer Login

Authorized Payers are user accounts created by students for others.  Authorized Payers log in to the online system using assigned username and password.  When logging in for the first time, Authorized Payers should change their student-created passwords to protect access to their user areas.

Once in the system students and Authorized Payers may access student account statements by clicking on View Accounts in the left navigation bar.

Students may set up parents and others to become Authorized Payers with separate user names and passwords.  Authorized payers have privileges to view and/or print the student's account statement  and to make payments online.  Because of federal privacy laws, only the student can assign access to others to view his or her student account.  Each time a new account statement is available, an email notification is sent to the student and his/her Authorized Payer(s).

Deposits to the student's OneCard may also be made in the online payment system from a checking or savings account, credit or debit card.  For more information about the OneCard program, please visit the department web page,

Additional information about billing and payment is available in the Bursar's Office FAQ section. 

Mailing Addresses for Payments & Correspondence

Payment by Personal Check:  Checks must be in U. S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank, and payable to Bowdoin College. Write student ID# on the check and send by first-class mail, with a Student Account Payment Worksheet if applicable, to the address shown below and on the bill.  We urge you not to send scholarship checks to this address.

Bowdoin College
PO Box 417593
Boston, MA 02241-7593

Other Payments and Correspondence:
  Scholarship checks and any other check needing special attention, worksheets without payments, all correspondence, and express mail should be sent directly to our office address below to help ensure proper handling. Also, please indicate if a personal check represents scholarship funds paid personally to the student so that those funds are processed properly on the student account.

Bursar's Office
Bowdoin College
5420 College Station
Brunswick, ME 04011-8445

Returned Checks: Any checks written to Bowdoin College by students or parents to any department on campus that are returned unpaid for any reason are charged to the students' accounts. A $15 fee per check may also be assessed.

Wire Transfer Payment

Instructions for making a wire transfer are available from the Bursar's Office at 207-725-3249.  They are also shown on the back of the student account statement which is accessible to students and authorized payers via the online payment system. 

Installment Payment Plan

Interest-free, installment payment plans are offered through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  The available payment schedules allow for spreading the payment of one semester over 4-6 months or of the academic year over 8-12 months.  The payment plan year operates on a calendar of May to April.  TMS plan budgets must be established and payments must be on schedule before a semester begins for a student to be able to enroll at the start of the semester, and must remain on schedule to register for courses for the coming semester (November for spring term, April for fall term).

Payment plan holders are responsible for monitoring the student's Bowdoin account statement throughout the school year to ensure that the payment plan budget is commensurate with the student's actual billed fees.  The semester bill reflects the net due after deducting the full amount expected from a payment plan for that term.  If a payment plan is less than the student’s account balance, the difference will show as an “Amount Due” on the bill.  The “Amount Due” is payable directly to Bowdoin by the due date on the bill.  Alternatively, the TMS plan budget may be increased to cover any “Amount Due”, or may be decreased if the “Amount Due” is a credit balance.  On Bowdoin's statement, credits are expressed in parentheses. 

Application is made online at Tuition Management Systems (1-800-722-4867).

Student or Parent Loans

Student and parent loans are processed through the Student Aid Office.  Students should refer to their aid web portals for guidance or contact the Student Aid Office at 207.725.3144.

529 Plan Payments

Please mail 529 plan checks to our office address:

Bursar's Office
Bowdoin College
5420 College Station
Brunswick, ME 04011-8445

If the fund is a state administered plan which needs to be billed by the College, the administrator should contact us at or call 207.725.3249.

Outside Scholarships

Non-Bowdoin (or Outside) Scholarships or Grants

Scholarship checks are applied to the current semester, unless instructions from the donor state another preference. Non-Bowdoin grants are the responsibility of the student recipient. The College does not pursue unpaid awards except to the extent that a donor may require a bill (provided by the Bursar's Office) or attendance verification (provided by the Registrar's Office). It is the student's responsibility to file a copy of his/her own tuition bill with a donor if required. The College returns scholarship funds as required by a donor if a student does not complete the semester or the year.

To Pay In Person

Location: 216 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Eastern time

Directions from Campus:  Cross Maine Street near Joshua Chamberlain statue to 216 Maine Street, at the corner of Noble Street. The Bursar's Office service counter is on the first floor to the right.