Off-Campus Study Overview

Students participating in off-campus study will be billed for tuition and fees by their program. Bowdoin charges a $1,000 off-campus study fee per program; students will be charged this fee in July for Fall semester and year-long programs. Spring fees are charged in December.

Bowdoin will send student aid, including grants, loans, or scholarships, directly to the off-campus study program or to the student. The Bursar's Office uses an online survey to collect program billing information from students. More information about the Off-Campus Student Aid Survey is below.

Please note: The Tuition Management Systems (TMS) installment plan cannot be used by students studying off-campus. Please ask your program if an installment plan is offered.

Additional payment details can be found on the Off-Campus Study website: Paying for Off-Campus Study.

Off-Campus Study Student Aid Survey
Students will be invited to to take this survey by email in June for the fall semester, and in November for the spring semester.  Any student who receives student aid or loans should submit the survey no later than September 1 for Fall semester programs, or by February 1 for spring programs. Aid is sent to OCS programs/institutions by the Bursar's Office around September 15 for fall programs and around February 15 for spring.

Health Insurance for Off-Campus Study
Students participating in OCS programs will be billed for Bowdoin student health insurance. Those who normally waive the coverage will need to do so at Those who normally use the health insurance aid credit will need to submit an application. If you have questions, please contact Cathy Hayes at 207-798-4284 or

Off-Campus Study Programs FAQ
Information about billing, payment, and student aid transmittal, 1098-Ts, and 529 plans.