iPad Teaching Strategies Shared by Bowdoin Faculty

How have you already used an iPad to support teaching? How would you like to use it? Faculty demonstrate and share some of their ideas.
Using the Apple Pencil and iPad to Annotate in Word, Practice Stroke Order, and Grade Student Assignments in the Blackboard Instructor App.
Vyjayanthi Selinger, Asian Studies

Using the Zoom Whiteboard and Geometry Web Apps with the iPad and Apple Pencil.
Jennifer Taback, Math

Part 1: Using the Explain Everything App as a Digital Whiteboard and for Recording Asynchronous Lecture Materials.
Kana Takematsu, Chemistry

Part 2: Using Collaborative Spaces in the Explain Everything App.
Elizabeth Stemmler and Kana Takematsu, Chemistry

Using the iAnnotae App as a Tool to Support Student Learning in a Spanish Literature Class.
Nadia Celis, Romance Languages and Literatures

Using One Note to Organize, Share, and Present Course Materials.
Charles Dorn, Education
Using the iPad and Apple Pencil as a Whiteboard for Writing Out Long Equations and Drawing Graphs in Economics Classes.
Matthew Botsch, Economics