Choosing a Concentration

The biology department administers two courses of study, or concentrations: integrative biology and ecology, evolution, and marine biology (EEMB).

One may choose to follow either course of study to complete a major in biology. Integrative biology is the major course of study, as it has been structured for some time. EEMB offers students a coherent, yet flexible, means of focusing their studies on the subdisciplines that comprise its name. Both courses of study provide breadth (from the subcellular to ecosystem level) and opportunities to choose supporting courses from other departments to enrich one’s study of biology.

Students choose a course of study when choosing a major in their fourth semester and are free to switch between integrative biology and EEMB during their Bowdoin career. Many of the introductory course expectations of the two concentrations are overlapping. Students concentrating in either course of study will receive equal preference/priority during registration for biology department courses. We encourage all students to discuss their interests and aspirations with a member of the biology department faculty when designing a course of study and choosing between integrative biology and EEMB.    

Review the course requirements for integrative biology and ecology, evolution, and marine biology here.