Research and Field Studies

Bowdoin Facilities:

Biology Research in Druckenmiller Hall

Research within the Biology Department at Bowdoin College covers a wide range of subjects, from molecular and genetics to environmental and evolutionary processes. Students are encouraged to pursue hands-on research with professors in the laboratory and in the field.

Visit the Faculty page to view the names of Biology Faculty and links to their individual websites.

Coastal Studies Center

118-acre site of forest, meadows, wetlands, and saltwater coves located on Orr's Island, Maine.

Visit the Coastal Studies Center and the Bowdoin College Marine Laboratory website.

Bowdoin Scientific Station at Kent Island

Biological field station located on Kent Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

Visit the Bowdoin Scientific Station at Kent Island website.

Student Research and Fellowship Opportunities:

The Biology Faculty encourage juniors and seniors to pursue a laboratory or field research project as an independent study. Independent studies provide unique opportunities for students to venture outside the standard curriculum and become involved in hands-on research. Research projects are arranged with the approval and advice of a sponsoring faculty member, and are usually closely related to that person's ongoing research.

Student Research and Fellowship Opportunities