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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Jack R. Bateman
Assistant Professor of Biology
The Bateman lab studies how chromosomes are organized within the three-dimensional space of the nucleus, and, in particular, how physical interactions between chromosomes can influence gene expression

David Carlon
Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the Bowdoin College Marine Laboratory

Patsy S. Dickinson
Josiah Little Professor of Natural Sciences

Vladimir Douhovnikoff
Assistant Professor of Biology

Damon P. Gannon
Director of the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology

Hadley Wilson Horch
Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
The Horch lab studies how nervous systems recover from injury

William R. Jackman
Assistant Professor of Biology
Developmental genetic pathways involved in embryonic tooth formation and evolution

Amy S. Johnson
James R. and Helen Lee Billingsley Professor of Marine Biology

Sarah Kingston
Doherty Marine Biology Postdoctoral Scholar

Bruce D. Kohorn
Linnean Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
Chair of Biology Department
The Cell Biology and Genetics of Cell Wall-Membrane communication

John Lichter
Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies
Director of Environmental Studies Program
Barry A. Logan
Professor of Biology; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Affirmative Action Officer
Biochemistry and physiological ecology of plant responses to environmental stresses such at high light intensities, cold temperatures, parasitism, and global change

Anne E. McBride
Associate Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
Director of Biochemistry Program
The effects of arginine methylation on nuclear transport in yeast

Michael F. Palopoli
Associate Professor of Biology
Evolutionary Biology

Carey R. Phillips
Research Professor of Biology

Samuel Taylor
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Physiological ecology, in particular that of C4 grasses

Nathaniel T. Wheelwright (on leave of absence for the 2013-14 academic year)
Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences

Laboratory Instructors

Pamela Bryer
Laboratory Instructor in Biology and Director of Laboratories
Nancy Curtis
Laboratory Instructor in Neuroscience

Aimee Eldridge
Laboratory Instructor in Neuroscience

Shana Stewart Deeds
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Kate Farnham
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Janet Gannon
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Stephen Hauptman
Laboratory Instructor in Biology
Jaret S. Reblin
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Elizabeth Richards
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Research Associates

Michael Cain
Research Associate in Mathematics and Biology

Jennifer M. Davidson
Research Associate in Biology

Olaf Ellers
Research Associate in Biology and Mathematics

Anja Forche
Research Assistant Professor of Biology

Instrument Technician

Marth Mixon
Instrument Support Technician

Laboratory Technicians

Susan Kohorn
Laboratory Research Technician

Andrea L. Jowdry
Laboratory Research Technician

Justine E. Johnson
Laboratory Research Technician

Emeritus Faculty

William L. Steinhart
Linnean Professor of Biology Emeritus

Thomas Settlemire
Professor of Biology Emeritus

Biology Support

Nancy Donsbach
Academic Department Budget/Financial Analyst

Julie Santorella
Academic Coordinator