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The BaldwinPeerReview: Recommended iPad Apps  

Given the staggering number of apps out there for the iPad, it isn’t always easy to discern which one(s) will actually help boost your academic performance. Whether you are a first-year figuring out how to stay organized or a senior trying to stay motivated, we have an app for you. We - the Academic Peer Mentors - collectively reviewed numerous iPad apps to curate this collection for Bowdoin students.

The recommended apps here cover all the essentials: note-taking, habit-building, time-management, organization, and more. Our top picks are identified by a “mentors’ favorite” sticker. There are even apps that can read your work aloud or help you better stick to a sleep schedule.

We hope you enjoy using these apps and share what works with others. Click here to find all apps officially supported by Bowdoin. 

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