Honors Theses, Prizes, and Awards

Lily Susman, "The 'New Woman' in Colonial Korea"
(Independent Study Project Advisor: Sakura Christmas)

Defining Democratic Change within the Lay Judge System
Mathieu, Alexandra

Beyond contemporary "Chinese" art : interpreting post-'80 art and artists from Sichuan, China
Li, Hongbei

Rebalancing economic growth in China : the importance of Special Economic Zones and Yuan convertibil
Query, James Tucker

Village loudspeakers to virtual chatrooms : mass media and multigenerational memory in Sino-Japanese

Rothschild, Viola Luolan

From Demo to the Diet : political participation among postwar Japanese labor unions

Bogardus, Willem Reeves

Buddhism, resistance and dynastic legitimacy during the Huichang Suppression

Brandstadt, Maxwell Joseph

Dynamics of fertility policy in Japan

Kristofferson,Karen Mai

Exploring the deviance of lesbianism and Asian American female hypersexuality in Mei Ng's Eating Chi

Chin, Samantha Ark

China in Latin America : the transnational experience

Fenichell, Nicholas Bryan

Notes on Ouyang Xiu’s Collected records of the past

Stern, Charles Isaac


The Mount Ōe picture scrolls : an annotated translation and commentary

Gray, Matthew Timothy

Security implications of future force development in the era of revolution in military affairs : a dialectical comparative analysis of the United States and the People’s Republic of China

Li, Rong

Realism, liberalism, and Pan-Asianism : the evolution of the Japanese empire (1905-1945)

Davis, Eric James

Taiko : the formation and professionalization of a Japanese performance art

Bensen, Daniel Maier 

Imposition and adaptation : the Japanese confrontation and manipulation of European notions of the "East”, 1860-1905
Damerville, Sarah Mari

International trade and the economic development of Japan, 1858-1899

Goto, Christina Emiko

Zhe zhong ren/"People like us" : consumption and the construction of gay community in contemporary Beijing, P.R.C.

Dunn, Andrew Thomas

AIDS in China : a cultural study

Karlin, Amanda Rose

War is hell : military conflict during China's spring and autumn period

Pitoniak, Jonathan Matthew

Wang Shuo steps out

Carroll, Catherine S.

Okinawa and Tokyo : the protest movement and conflict accommodation

Kuba, Meredith T.

A Chinese opera version of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Triplett, Patricia Elain

Media representations of Asian Americans : perpetuating bias?
Ames, Kacy Kyung

The internationalization of Sri Lanka's intrastate war

Buckley, Sarah S.

The six faces of Lord Murukan : religious change and the birth of Bhakti in the classical Tamil Tiru

Carpenter, Stephen Patrick

Gender expectations, workplace socialization and the university experience in contemporary Japan

Sturk, Joshua Jay

A Karesansui Japanese-style garden

Cormier, Nathaniel S.

Tibetan tales : the soul of a culture in exile

Humphrey, Rachel

Pre-War Japanese feminism

Crowley, Meredith A.

Tamed and transformed : the Yaksa as transitional deity

Carbine, Jason A.

Inside Apocalypse : the role of the end of the world in a Japanese new new religion

DeTemple, Jill

The Macartney Embassy to China in 1793 : a seminal event in China's relations with the West

Mallen, Justin

Province of prosperity: the political and economic power of Guangdong Province and their effect on Guangdong’s development process

Bell, Sean M.

Practice and theory in the Japanese legal system

Hollis, Duncan Baker

"The emperor is far away" : Chinese imperial trade policy and its local subversion prior to the opium war

Simon, James E.

"Socialist Trains Running Late" : An examination of "Socialist Modernization" in the People's Republic of China

Auerbach, John Charles

Mao's legacy : political interference with economic reform in the People's Republic of China 1979-85

Messer, Miwako Gillespie

Tun-huang evidence for Buddhist acculturation

Cantor, Selena

A spiritual perspective on Wang Mang's political, social and economic reforms

Goldsmith, Jennifer Lynn

The Chinese Communist Party reacts to divergent views on democracy

Kehoe, John Breffni

The quest for democracy; a look into China"s future past
MacCabe, Andrew Balfour

A leap forward and a leap back: Western media coverage of the 1989 Beijing spring

Najberg, Adam Sheiner

Finding turquoise in brass and pearls in foam : diverging paths in Chinese literature of the 1930's 

Farrington, Katherine Paige

Flowing gowns and jade consorts : images of women in T"ang literaturs

Shao, Kathy

The search for a center and the displacement of meaning through systems of correspondence in Chinese

Collier, Peter Forsyth

The Shamantic tradition in Japan

Cornell, Marcia J.

The Red detachment of women : the political implications of a Chinese Communist dance

Stone, Leslie B.

Traditional and modern Chinese funerals : social change in Taiwan and China mainland

Heyler, Daniel A.

From the masses to the masses: a study of mass line theory and politics in Communist China
Nancy Utterback