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Chinese studies offers courses in language and culture including art, film, government, history, literature, religion, and sociology. Four levels of Chinese language (Mandarin) are offered to enable the student to develop a high proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are expected to integrate their language study with courses related to China, in a variety of fields. Serious students are encouraged to study in China


Songren Cui, Chinese language, Chinese Language Coordinator
Christopher Heurlin, Chinese government
Xiaoke Jia, Lecturer in Chinese Language
Belinda Kong, Asian diaspora
Shu-chin Tsui, Chinese language & culture
Peggy Wang, Chinese art
Leah Zuo, Chinese history

picture of Chinese faculty at Bowdoin College
left to right: Songren Cui, Xiaoke Jia, Belinda Kong, Chris Heurlin, Shu-chin Tsui

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