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    Video: Groundbreaking Installation Turns Art Gallery into a Musical Instrument

    It’s part of a collaborative, site-specific, multimedia installation involving four artists. A wall drawing, titled "Let’s Get Lost," was created by visiting artist linn meyers, alongside an interactive sound installation, “Listening Glass.” It’s the product of a two-year collaboration with interactive and audio artists Rebecca Bray, James Bigbee Garver, and Josh Knowles.

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    Two Roommates Cultivate Mindfulness in a Gallery of Abstract Art

    Ben Painter ’19 and Miles Brautigam ’19 brought students to the Bowdoin College Museum of Art with a mindfulness meditation.

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    Theater Professor Directs Tribute Play to Late Boston 'Theater Legend'

    Davis Robinson and the "Beau Jest Moving Theatre" are staging "Larry's Play" in honor of Larry Coen, the charismatic actor/director who died suddenly earlier this year. It was a play Coen himself had been working on when he died, explains Robinson.

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    Arts and Culture: 2018 Fall Preview

    To complement the Bowdoin Arts and Culture Fall 2018 Calendar of Events, here's a sample of some of the treats on offer in the galleries, museums, concert halls, libraries, theaters, and and lecture halls of the College over the next few months.

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