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Innovation and Resilience across Three Generations of Wabanaki Basket-Making



Photo of Bowdoin student curators Bowdoin student curators of the exhibition (left to right): Amanda Cassano ’22, Sunshine Eaton ’22, and Shandiin Largo ’23.

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art is pleased to partner with student groups to develop exhibitions that aim to foster interdisciplinary engagements and diverse viewpoints in studying, researching, and displaying our collection. This exhibition was curated by the student members of the Native American Students Association (NASA)—Amanda Cassano ’22, Sunshine Eaton ’22, and Shandiin Largo ’23. Assistance with translations was provided by Dwayne Tomah, a member of the Passamaquoddy Nation, who has generously shared his guidance and knowledge of Wabanaki language and culture.

NASA seeks to educate interested students in Native American cultures. It is the mission of NASA to create and maintain a supportive environment for Native American students and to increase awareness of Native American cultures on campus and within the community. NASA strives to develop a supportive space for the unique struggles faced by Native American peoples to help improve academic success and individual growth of these students. NASA also believes that it is essential to foster a community of learning and growth alongside people from all backgrounds; inclusiveness is central to its mission.

This online exhibition was designed by David Francis in Bowdoin Academic Technology, in collaboration with staff at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. It was created using the following technologies: cascade content management system (CMS), HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (JavaScript library), and Fancybox.


The Bowdoin College Museum of Art would like to thank the Peary–MacMillan Arctic Museum and the Maine Historical Society for generously loaning works to this exhibition that offer insights on Wabanaki basket-making across three generations. The Museum also extends its gratitude to Genevieve LeMoine and Dana Williams ’18 at the Arctic Museum and Sofia Yalouris at the Maine Historical Society for contributing images and digital resources in helping to make scholarship on Wabanaki art more broadly accessible.

Additionally, the Museum thanks the many individuals who contributed to creating this digital exhibition, especially staff at Bowdoin Academic Technology, as well as Museum staff, including Suzanne Bergeron, Michelle Henning, Cheng Xing ’23, Elizabeth Humphrey ’14, and Sabrina Lin ’21