Teacher Chaperone Guidelines

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Teacher Chaperone Guidelines

Teachers and chaperones are responsible for their groups’ behavior throughout the entire visit. Chaperones are expected to stay with the students at all times. Please provide at least one chaperone for every 10 students. The docent, whose role is educating the students about the exhibitions and galleries, relies on teacher and chaperone supervision and discipline for a successful and productive visit. Teachers and chaperones are also responsible for dividing up their students equally into groups prior to arrival. Thank you for your cooperation!

To make your Museum experience as enjoyable as possible, please share this with your chaperones:

  • Please ask your students to wear nametags; it is helpful if docents can address students by name to make the visit more personal.
  • One adult chaperone for every ten students is required.
  • Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher and chaperones; please instruct chaperones accordingly.
  • Upon arrival at the Museum, docents and/or security officers will give instructions upon entering and leaving the building. Chaperones are requested to assist students in following these instructions.
  • During the Museum tour, chaperones are asked to stay with their students as a group, making sure that no students fall behind during the tour.
  • Please check umbrellas, backpacks, wet outerwear, and all other bags in excess of 11” x 15” in the lobby. Please hang all coats in the alcoves provided.
  • Use of cameras and cell phones is allowed only in certain areas of the Museum. Consult a security guard or the front desk staff when you arrive.
  • The Museum reserves the right to inspect any book bags or other objects that a visitor holds prior to departure from the building.
  • Pencils are the only writing implements allowed in the galleries. Clipboards are available upon request.

Additionally, please inform students of the following guidelines. Chaperones are requested to assist students in following these instructions:

  • Do not touch the art.
  • Please respect our twelve inch proximity rule.
  • Food and drink are prohibited within the galleries.
  • Silence your cell phones and please do not use them in the galleries.
  • Shirt and shoes are required.
  • Please use only pencils in the galleries.

Please see this map for the best drop-off and parking spots for buses.