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Accession # (1811.*) Title Artist Nationality
1 The Three Fates Carlo Maratti, School of Italian
2 Statue of Nude Youth with Two Putti (recto) Carlo Maratti, School of Italian
3 Sacrificial Scene Pordenone, Attributed to Italian
4 Holy Family with Saint Andrew Filippo Bellini Italian
5 Madonna and Child with Two Saints and Two Monks Bernardino India Italian
6 Copy from Donatello's "Miracle of the Miser's Heart" Raphael, School of, after Donatello Italian
7 The Visitation Andrea Boscoli Italian
8 An Entombment Jacopo Chimenti, called Jacopo da Empoli Italian
9 The Holy Family with Saint John (a); Madonna and Child (b) Francesco Vanni Italian
10 Woman and Child (a); Study of Leg (b) Bernadino Poccetti Italian
11 The Flagellation Bernardo Castello, Attributed to Italian
12 Charity Luca Cambiaso, copy after Italian
13 Woman and Child Carlo Maratti, School of, after Tintoretto Italian
14 Two Women Giulio Romano, imitator of Italian
15 Allegory of Peace Friedrich Sustris Dutch
16 The Israelites Gathering Manna Lodovico Gimignani Italian
17 The Circumcision Ciro Ferri, copy after Italian
18 Moses Pouring Water From the Rock Unknown Artist
19 Peter Denouncing Simon (a); Christ Delivering the Keys to Peter (b) Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
20 St. Peter Delivered from Prison Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
21 Coriolanus before the Walls of Rome Pietro Antonio de Pietri, copy after (?) Italian
22 A Pope in Michelangelo's Studio (a); Ceiling Design with Musicians (b) Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
23 The Rape of Europa Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
24 The Visitation Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
25 The Flight into Egypt Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
26 The Assumption, with St. Philip Neri and St. Francis Pietro Antonio de Pietri Italian
27 Death of St. Joseph (a&b) Pietro Antonio de Pietri, Attributed to Italian
28 The Entombment (a); Holy Women at the Sepulchre [?] (b) Pietro Antonio de Pietri, Attributed to Italian
29 The Finding of Moses Giovanni Battista d'Angeli, called del Moro Italian
30 Rest on the Flight into Egypt Unknown Artist
31 Madonna and Child with Three Holy Women Tommaso Redi, after Parmigianino Italian
32 Madonna and Child (a&b) Giovanni Battista Cavazza, Attributed to Italian
33 Madonna and Child Pomponio Amalteo Italian
34 Standing Draped Woman Marcello Venusti, Attributed to Italian
35 Woman and Child Lattanzio Gambara Italian
36 Standing Man Unknown Artist Italian
37 Venus and Adonis Francisco Vieira Lusitano, Attributed to Portugese
38 Scene in a Garden Unknown Artist
39 Ecce Homo Unknown Artist
40 Saints Andrew, Catherine, and Francis Unknown Artist
41 Bathsheba Sebastiano Ricci Italian
42 Madonna and Child Appearing to St. Ignatius (a); architectural studies (b) Abraham Jansz. van Diepenbeeck Flemish
43 Merchants and Animals Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, copy after Italian
44 Dead Christ with Angels (a&b) Leonard Bramer Dutch
45 Madonna and Child Enthroned Abraham Jansz. van Diepenbeeck Flemish
46 Holy Family with Saint Catherine Unknown Artist
47 Holy Family Unknown Artist
48 Standing Prophet and Other Studies (a&b) Raphael, copy after Italian
49 Jael and Sisera (a); Sketches for Judith of Holofernes (b) Carlo Maratti Italian
50 Standing Figure (a); figures studies (b) Unknown Artist
51 The Flight into Egypt (a); Madonna and Child (b) Unknown Artist
52 The Flight into Egypt Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert Dutch
53 Bacchus, Nymphs and Satyrs Unknown Artist
54 Portrait Caricature of a Man Unknown Artist
55 The Fall of Icarus Unknown Artist
56 Design for a Circular Dish Unknown Artist
57 Adoration of the Shepherds Hendrik van Balen I, Attributed to Flemish
58 Figures Around an Obelisk Belisario Corenzio Italian
59 Allegory of Justice Unknown Artist
60 The Translation of Elijah Unknown Artist
61 Holy Family with Infant Saint John Agostino Masucci Italian
62 The Choice of Hercules Taddeo Zuccaro Italian
63 Tobias Frightened by the Fish Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert Dutch
64 Classical Scene Unknown Artist
65 Adoration of the Shepherds Ciro Ferri Italian
66 Landscape with Washwomen Jan Frans van Bloemen, copy after Flemish
67 Landscape with Wooden Bridge Unknown Artist
68 Landscape Unknown Artist
69 Woman and Child Seated on Bed Placido Costanzi Italian
70 Rocky Landscape Salvator Rosa Italian
71 Mercury Bearing Psyche to Olympus Unknown Artist
72 Death of Ananias Ugo da Carpi Italian
73 St. Jerome in a Landscape Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, Attributed to Italian
74 Allegory of Prudence Unknown Artist
75 The Supper at Emmaus Adam Elsheimer, follower of German
76 The Finding of Moses (a); fragmentary sketch of Pan (b) Unknown Artist
77 Study of a Man with a Tricorne Hat Unknown Artist
78 The Visitation Jan Symonsz. Pynas or Jacob Symonsz. Pynas, Attributed to
79 Sheds by the Water Philips de Koninck Dutch
80 Sacrificial Scene Maerten van der Fuijck Dutch
81 Studies of Running Figures Abraham Bloemaert Dutch
82 River Landscape Philips de Koninck Dutch
83 Crucifixion Abraham Jansz. van Diepenbeeck Flemish
84 Figure Studies Unknown Artist
85 Publius Mutius Condemning His Colleagues to be Burnt (a); Male Figure Study (b) Domenico Beccafumi Italian
86 Venus and Adonis Unknown Artist
87 Landscape with Stream Isaac Major, Attributed to German
88 Rebecca and Eleazar Unknown Artist
89 The Feast of the Passover Jacopo Palma il giovane Italian
90 Achior before Holofernes Unknown Artist
91 Standing Man with Turban Unknown Artist
92 Man Lying Asleep Unknown Artist
93 Landscape with Buildings on a Hill Unknown Artist
94 Christ and the Samaritan Woman Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert Dutch
95 The Entombment Unknown Artist
96 St. Sebastian Nursed by Saint Irene and Attendant Unknown Artist Italian
97 Two Boy Musicians Unknown Artist
98 Nude Figure Study (a&b) Unknown Artist
99 Madonna and Child with Saint John Cristoforo Roncalli Italian
100 Mary Magdalene Unknown Artist
101 Joseph Sold by His Brothers Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert, copy after Dutch
102 The Flight into Egypt Domenichino, copy after Italian
103 Stained Glass Window Designs Sir James Thornhill, Attributed to British
104 The Visitation Camillo Procaccini Italian
105 Judgment of Paris Hans Rottenhammer I, circle of German
106 Copy after the Antique (a&b) Unknown Artist
107 The Visitation (a); compositional sketch (b) Unknown Artist
108 The Fall of Phaeton Frans Floris the Elder Flemish
109 Three Designs for Stained Glass Windows Dirk Vellert and Workshop, Attributed to Netherlandish
110 Female Figure Unknown Artist
111 A Battle Scene Jan de Bisschop Dutch
112 Christ Preaching Jan de Bisschop Dutch
113 Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter Unknown Artist
114 The Vision of Saint Marcellus Giovanni Battista della Rovere Italian
115 Scene from the Book of Tobit Ercole Setti Italian
116 Saints Anthony and Paul in the Desert Charles Mellin, formerly attributed to Nicolas Poussin French
117 Nymphs and Satyrs (a); figure sketches (b) Unknown Artist
118 Pieta Unknown Artist
119 Battle Scene Unknown Artist
120 Finding the Cup in Benjamin's Sack Unknown Artist
121 Soldiers Stopping to Rest Unknown Artist
122 Two Hands of a Woman Writing with a Quill Unknown Artist
123 View of a Port (recto) Adriaan van der Cabel Dutch
124 Landscape with Classical Ruins Jan Frans van Bloemen, Attributed to Flemish
125 A Hand Holding a Stylus Unknown Artist
126 Group of Fisherwomen (a); study of a hand (b) Unknown Artist
127 The Visitation Unknown Artist
128 Landscape with River Isaac Major, Attributed to German
129 Christ Among the Doctors van der Stradanus Flemish
130 Youth Leaping from a Precipice Leonard Bramer Dutch
131 Landscape with Buildings (a); Landscape (b) Unknown Artist
132 View of the Aurelian Walls of Rome (a); sketch of exterior wall (b) Bartholomeus Breenbergh Dutch
133 Study for the Virgin Annunciate Unknown Artist
134 Copy after the Antique Unknown Artist
135 Design for a Title Page Abraham Jansz. van Diepenbeeck Flemish
136 Study for a Title Page Dominique Barrière French
137 Farm Buildings Unknown Artist
138 Landscape with Farm Building Unknown Artist
139 Landscape with Buildings (a); pen sketches (b) Gaspar van Wittel Flemish
140 Landscape with Stream and Ruins Jan Baptist Weenix Dutch
141 Mountainous Landscape Pietro Paolo Bonzi, circle of Italian
142 Alpine Landscape (View of Waltensburg) Master of the Mountain Landscapes (formerly attributed to Bruegel), formerly attributed to Pieter Bruegel & Jacob Savery Netherlandish