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Perspectives from Postwar Hiroshima
Chuzo Tamotzu, Children’s Drawings, and the Art of Resolution


The Bowdoin College Museum of Art gratefully acknowledges the support of Dr. Marc B. Garnick '68 and Barbara Kates-Garnick PhD for their generosity in making the research, interpretation, and exhibition of these drawings possible. We also thank Michael Amano '17 and Virginia Crow '18 for their hard work and generous dedication to this project. Several Bowdoin faculty members made invaluable contributions to this undertaking, in particular Hiroo Aridome, Vyjayanthi Selinger, and Hadley Horch. We thank David Francis, Interactive Developer, Digital and Social Media, for his design and execution of this catalogue. Numerous individuals helped make possible research in Hiroshima, particularly Rie Nii and the Chugoku Shimbun News Company, Yukiyo Kawano, and Justin Ehringhaus '16. For their invaluable encouragement, we thank Roger Shimomura, Aiko Izumisawa, and Robert Jacobs. Finally we offer special thanks to the student artists, now grown, who shared their stories with Michael Amano: Kiyoshi Hayashi, Shoji Noda, Masaharu Takami and Taiko Terakawa.