Student Research Projects

Maggie Bryan '15
Bridging Cultures: Viewing and Creating Japanese Spaces in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century French Art
Maggie examines the effects of Edo Period art—namely, the woodblock prints of Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige—on conceptions and subsequent representations of space in the works of Vincent van Gogh andClaude Monet.
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James Denison '14 

James DennisonA “Peculiarly American” Enthusiasm: George Bellows, Traditional Masculinity, and The Big Dory
James investigates the portrayal of masculinity in the oeruvre of the much-lauded yet enigmatic American painter George Bellows.
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Zoë Lescaze '12

Zoë Lescaze '12 Walton Ford and the Art of Capturing NatureWalton Ford and the Art of Capturing Nature
An honors project  born out of a long-standing fascination with the aesthetics of nineteenth-century naturalism, natural history museum dioramas, and the work of contemporary artist Walton Ford.
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Sara Griffin '09

Sara Griffin '09 Contemporary Art from Tijuana
Combining long-standing interests in contemporary art, Mexico, and U.S.-Mexico relations, Sara began research on her topic after returning from a semester abroad in Mérida, Mexico. She received a grant from the Roberts Fund, which allowed her to travel to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana, meeting with artists.
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Mallory Banks '08

Mallory Banks '08 Three Houses in Brunswick: an Architectual and Social History
As a recipient of a Surdna Fellowship, Mallory had the opportunity to pursue a yearlong independent research project that developed out of her own interest in architectural history and her professor’s expertise in American art and architecture. She researched the architectural and social history of Bowdoin College and the Brunswick community through an exploration of three buildings on a corner of the Bowdoin campus. She reconstructed the history of these residences, studied the architectural styles as expressions of the individuals for whom they were built, and how the homes developed to fit the needs of their later inhabitants.
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Elizabeth Mengesha, '06

Race and Constructions of Otherness in Visual Culture: The Art of Adrian Piper and Coco Fusco: Poster of PresentationRace and Constructions of Otherness in Visual Culture: The Art of Adrian Piper and Coco Fusco an independent study that examined race and constructions of otherness in visual culture. She focused on contemporary American visual art exploring race politics, cultural identity, and various constructions of otherness.
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Ancient Costa Rican and Mexican Jades

jade bowdoin museum of artIn the spring of 2004, seven students in Art History 130:  Introduction to the Art of Ancient Mexico and Peru undertook original research into the Bowdoin College Museum of Arts collection of ancient Costa Rican and Mexican jades.  Given by Mr. John B. Chandler '37 and Mrs. Chandler in the 1970s, the collection had not yet been studied in light of the newest ethnographic and archaeological research in the field.
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Susan Buhr '04

Sir John Soane Susan Buhr, a Classics major, completed a semester-long independent study project in Art History on The Grand Tour. The Grand Tour was, in short, a visit to Europe undertaken by the wealthy young men of eighteenth century England intended as the capstone to their Classical education.
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Jennifer Ogborne '02

Preeble grave stoneJennifer Ogborne, an art history and archaeology interdisciplinary major, with a double major in history and a minor in anthropology '02, undertook a year-long independent study project on the imagery of 18th-century gravestones in the Burying Yard of York, Maine. In the course of her research and the writing of her final paper, Jennifer worked with professors in history and art history.
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Sandra Pomerantz '00

Portrait Bust of a Young Woman The Bowdoin College Museum of Art houses a little-known, mysterious print now given the title of "Portrait Bust of a Young Woman." Impressions of this print are rare. Only a few others are known in Paris a33 and Berlin. Scholars have claimed that this print is a portrait of and/or was created by the young Marie de'Medici.
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