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Study: Diabetic Heart Attacks and Strokes Falling

ABC News - 49 min 53 sec ago
Study sees drop in rates of most common major diabetes complications _ heart attack and stroke
Categories: Television News

California Delays Decision on Protecting Gray Wolf

ABC News - 50 min 3 sec ago
California game commission delays decision on listing gray wolf as endangered species
Categories: Television News

US Judge Overturns 6-Week Abortion Ban

ABC News - 50 min 13 sec ago
US judge overturns North Dakota law banning abortion as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy
Categories: Television News

Can sports superstars justify super salaries?

Al Jazeera - 50 min 27 sec ago
A global survey of salaries shows footballers and baseball players are the biggest earners.
Categories: Television News

Mexico Probes Death of Pregnant Woman at Clinic

ABC News - 50 min 33 sec ago
Mexico to investigate death of pregnant indigenous woman who waited 5 hours at clinic
Categories: Television News

Lonely panda watches TV

CBS News - 50 min 54 sec ago
Sijia appeared dejected and depressed and stopped eating properly after her companion moved out, so the worried staff at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming, China installed a television to entertain the lonely panda.
Categories: Television News

Les défenseurs de l'ours remportent une bataille juridique contre l'Etat

Le Monde - International - 51 min 28 sec ago
Les défenseurs souhaiteraient interdire temporairement la chasse sur les territoires de l'ours pyrénéen. La justice leur a entrouvert une porte.

Categories: Newspapers

Blakelock family 'must feel angry'

BBC News - 51 min 40 sec ago
Nicholas Jacobs, the man cleared of killing PC Keith Blakelock in 1985, says he would feel "angry and disappointed" if he was a member of the police officer's family.
Categories: Television News

Chelsea King’s brother creating documentary about her tragic death

NY Daily News - 52 min 3 sec ago
Tyler King wants to make sure that convicted sexual predators—like the one who stole his sister Chelsea King’s life—never get the chance to become repeat offenders.
Categories: Newspapers

American Voices: Google Glass Users Facing Verbal, Physical Attacks

The Onion - 52 min 17 sec ago
Amid rising tensions in San Francisco between native residents and wealthy tech entrepreneurs gentrifying the city, more reports have surfaced of anti-tech protesters targeting Google Glass wearers with physical attacks and verbal assaults like “Gla...

Categories: Newspapers

Romania decorates for Easter

CBS News - 52 min 49 sec ago
Romania's big cities are decorating for the Easter holiday. Town halls brought huge Easter eggs, live rabbits and rabbit statues to the streets and central squares.
Categories: Television News

WMTW to move from downtown Portland to Westbrook

Portland Press Herald - 53 min 10 sec ago
The channel 8 news station has been in the Time and Temperature building for 15 years.
Categories: Newspapers

Most Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Released

Time - 53 min 44 sec ago

Nearly all of the 129 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted earlier this week by the Islamist group Boko Haram “have been freed” but eight remain missing, the Nigerian military says.

The military is conducting a search-and-rescue operation for the remaining girls and one of the alleged kidnappers has been apprehended. Neither the girls’ condition nor the reason for their release were immediately clear, CNN reports.

The girls were abducted Monday night from their dormitories at their school in northeastern Nigeria, where the militant Islamist group has been waging a campaign of violence and terror for years. After a gun battle with authorities, militants loaded the girls onto busses and drove them away in a caravan.


Categories: Magazines

Maine lawmakers send overdose bill to Gov. Paul LePage

Portland Press Herald - 54 min 7 sec ago
Bill amended slightly in effort to win governor’s approval.
Categories: Newspapers

Man charged with marathon hoax sent for psychiatric evaluation

Portland Press Herald - 54 min 12 sec ago
The 25-year-old suspect, whose mother says he has bipolar disorder, is ordered held on $100,000 bail.
Categories: Newspapers

Colorado Socialite Killed by Blunt Force to Head

ABC News - 54 min 17 sec ago
Coroner: Colorado socialite killed by blunt force to head, was dead for 36 hours before found
Categories: Television News

First Heartbleed 'hacker' arrested

BBC News - 55 min 34 sec ago
A 19-year-old Canadian citizen is charged with hacking into the Canada Revenue Agency's website, becoming the first arrest in relation to the Heartbleed security breach.
Categories: Television News

Long-Haired Lady Sues Walmart for Ruining Her Locks

Time - 57 min 4 sec ago

A Portland, Oregon, woman is suing Walmart for $10,000 over a bottle of shampoo she says got her butt-length hair into such a tangled mess she was forced to cut most of it off.

Jennifer Fahey, 30, says she has had waist-length hair since childhood. She claims that within seconds of applying Equate Everyday Clean Dandruff Shampoo to her hair it was so knotted she was forced to cut all but about four inches off.

The lawsuit, which identifies shampoo manufacturer Vi-Jon as a defendant as well, requests $10,000 in compensation for “past, present and future physical and emotional pain and suffering, anxiety, humiliation and embarrassment, expenses for replacement hair, along with diminished and lost wages” as well as “loss of life’s pleasure and activities.” The bottle of shampoo, according to The Oregonian, runs about $3.44.

Walmart could not be reached for comment.

[The Oregonian]

Categories: Magazines

Care homes saved from closure

BBC News - 57 min 5 sec ago
Four residential care homes in Northern Ireland that were earmarked for closure have been told they will remain open.
Categories: Television News
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