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Deadline Near, Health Signups Show Disparity

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 21:26
With the first open enrollment period set to end Monday, the Affordable Care Act looks less like a sweeping federal overhaul than a collection of individual ventures playing out unevenly, state to state, in the laboratories of democracy.
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Sports of The Times: For College Players, Gaining Rights Amid Guarded Words

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 21:20
A ruling that Northwestern football players had won the right to be considered university employees is not only about money, some college basketball players said.
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Court Panel Upholds Texas Law on Abortion

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 21:04
The ruling was a victory for anti-abortion groups and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas who said the law did not pose an “undue burden” on women’s rights.

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Report Details Claim by Ally: Christie Knew of Bridge Lane Closings

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 21:02
An inquiry by lawyers for Gov. Chris Christie found he did not recall the conversation and found no evidence that he was involved in the scheme, which snarled traffic in Fort Lee, N.J.

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Obama Seeks to Calm Saudis as Paths Split

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 21:01
Saudi Arabia’s leaders are feeling increasingly compelled to go their own way in dealing with Iran, Syria, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.
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About New York: Silence Is Deafening in Bridge Report

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 20:40
Throughout its 360 pages, the report on the traffic jam at the George Washington Bridge never states directly that the chairman of the Port Authority refused to speak with Gov. Chris Christie’s own investigators.
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Air Force Fires 9 Officers in Scandal Over Cheating on Proficiency Tests

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 20:31
The officers were fired and their base commander resigned as the Air Force continued to deal with accusations that crew members shared answers on missile proficiency tests.

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Former Prime Minister Announces Candidacy for President of Ukraine

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 20:28
Yulia V. Tymoshenko, the polarizing former prime minister, has long harbored presidential ambitions and will be the most widely known contender in the election.

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Potential Crackdown on Russia Risks Also Punishing Western Oil Companies

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 20:13
Any stricter sanctions on Russia for its occupation of Crimea would likely be opposed by Exxon Mobil, BP and other companies with projects in Russia.
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President Obama Meets With Pope Francis

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 20:09
President Obama and Pope Francis on Thursday skirted social issues that have generated tension between some Roman Catholic leaders and the president.

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Congress Approves Aid Of $1 Billion for Ukraine

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 19:34
The measure passed after the White House dropped efforts to tie it to an overhaul of the International Monetary Fund negotiated by President Obama.

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The Learning Network: Our Fifth Annual New York Times Found Poetry Student Contest

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 19:05
Celebrate the new season with our oldest blog tradition, and one we’re thrilled to see teachers across the curriculum embrace. Poems can come from anything ever published in The New York Times, and are due on April 29.
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James R. Schlesinger, Willful Aide To Three Presidents, Is Dead at 85

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 18:41
Mr. Schlesinger, a tough strategist, served in posts that included the secretary of defense and energy, as well as head of the C.I.A.

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China’s Criticism Over Handling of Missing Flight Stirs Malaysian Backlash

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 18:19
Many on social media in Malaysia have denounced China this week, noting that Malaysians as well as Chinese died on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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Details in Avonte Oquendo Investigation Are Released

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 17:59
The results of an investigation detailed a series of errors and oversights in the disappearance of Avonte Oquendo, 14, whose remains were found in January.

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White House Says Health Care Rolls Top Goal: 6 Million

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 16:44
With the deadline on Monday, the number of newly covered has exceeded the administration’s goal for enrollment — revised downward from seven million.
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Former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger Dies

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 16:40
James R. Schlesinger, a hawkish and erudite Republican who straddled the partisan divide to serve in Cabinet-level posts under three presidents, has died, a Washington think tank said Thursday. He was 85.

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Vote by U.N. General Assembly Isolates Russia

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 16:21
A resolution on Ukraine rejecting Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula as illegal passed overwhelmingly.

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Six Senators, Fearing Political Cost, Urge Changes to Health Act

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 15:49
The five Democrats and one independent, under pressure to distance themselves from the Affordable Care Act, proposed improvements to it.
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DealBook: Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgages May Pass to Borrower’s Heirs

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 15:46
The loans that promised to help older people stay in their homes in retirement are, in some cases, now pushing their children out.
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