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Updated: 37 min 15 sec ago

Zuck Nerds Out On Drones Vs. Satellites For Delivering Internet

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 15:26
Free Space Optic lasers? Low earth orbit satellites? Solar-powered drones? Mark Zuckerberg has just penned a deep dive on how Facebook's newly revealed methods for delivering Internet to the developing world actually work. Here's are the highlights from his 3000 word progress report on, including digs at Google's Project Loon, and how it all fits into Facebook's long-term plan. Read More
Categories: IT News

BeHere Lets Teachers Take Attendance Using iBeacon Technology

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 15:11
While Apple’s iBeacon technology is already being adopted by both large and small retailers, we’ve started to see other use cases pop up for this new indoor positioning technology, which involves Bluetooth LE-enabled transmitters that can communicate with nearby iOS 7 devices in order to push alerts, or even interact with other devices in your home. Now a small team of developers… Read More
Categories: IT News

Confirmed: Dropbox Aqcui-Hires Social Reading App Readmill

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 15:04
As TechCrunch’s Steve O’Hear predicted yesterday, Readmill just confirmed that Dropbox acquired the company and that the service will shut down. It is a pure acqui-hire as the team will join Dropbox’s team and work on its core service. “As of today, it is no longer possible to create a new account, and on July 1, 2014, the Readmill app will no longer be available,”… Read More
Categories: IT News

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Facebook Oculus, HTC One, And Microsoft’s Glass Clone

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 15:00
Are you ready for the future? Facebook certainly is, considering the social giant just bought Oculus VR, which makes virtual reality gaming headsets, for a cool $2 billion. And Microsoft is joining in on the fun, with reports indicating that the company has purchased wearable computing technology similar to Google's Glass. Read More
Categories: IT News

Microsoft Will Stop Inspecting Customer Content, Will Instead Refer Cases To Law Enforcement

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:37
Microsoft has released a blog post from General Counsel and EVP – Legal & Corporate Affairs Brad Smith detailing changes to its practices stemming from a recent report detailing how it read a blogger’s email without their permission to track down a source code leak. Microsoft will not be doing that ever again, the post says, and instead they’ll refer any and all potential… Read More
Categories: IT News

SRCH2 Brings Its Fast, Google-Like Search Technology To Android Developers And Consumers

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:27
SRCH2, an enterprise software company founded by ex-Googlers and Stanford PhD's and focused on building faster, more efficient search technology, is expanding its reach to mobile consumers and mobile developers. The company is now launching a new Java SDK for Android app developers, which will allow third-parties to integrate the SRCH2 technology into their own applications. In addition, a… Read More
Categories: IT News

Softcover Is A New Self-Publishing Platform Aimed At Technical Authors

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 13:38
Softcover is a startup offering what it calls a "frictionless" platform for self-publishing e-books. Co-founder Michael Hartl is an author himself, having written the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. (He's also a repeat entrepreneur, having founded Y Combinator-backed social networking startup Insoshi.) Hartl told me via email that between a publishing deal with Addison-Wesley and direct sales from the… Read More
Categories: IT News

Valve’s VR Expert Michael Abrash Joins Oculus As Chief Scientist

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 13:18
After Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, many were worried that Oculus’ top talent — many of whom are industry/VR pioneers — would leave out of spite. Seems quite the opposite is happening. Michael Abrash — the man largely responsible for leading Valve’s recent charge into Virtual Reality — has just joined Oculus as its Chief Scientist.   Abrash… Read More
Categories: IT News

Sigfox Raises $20.6 Million To Create A Global Cellular Network For Connected Objects

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 12:35
French startup Sigfox raised a Series B round of $20.6 million (€15 million) from IDInvest and BPIFrance. Existing investors (Elaia Partners, Partech Ventures, Ixo and Intel Capital) also participated. As a reminder, Sigfox wants to create an alternative cellular network specifically dedicated to connected objects. Compared to traditional cellular networks, this network can cover a larger area… Read More
Categories: IT News

CloudGOO’s New App Turns All Your Cloud Storage Accounts Into One Big, Combined Drive

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 12:26
CloudGOO, a newly launched Android application with something of a silly name, offers a way for you to smush together all your cloud-based file storage accounts to form one big cloud drive in the sky. That is, the app aggregates your cloud drive accounts into one mobile interface, then uses that space as if it were one drive for things like automatic uploads of photos, videos, music, and… Read More
Categories: IT News

New Android Handsets Will Need “Powered By Android” Logo To Get Google Play, Gmail, Etc.

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 12:20
For better or worse, Samsung, HTC, and the rest of the Android manufacturing lot just looove to mess with the way Google’s OS looks and feels. So much so, in fact, that the OS sometimes stops looking like Android at all. Seemingly annoyed by the lack of credit where credit is due, Google has started asking manufacturers to show a “Powered By Android” logo at startup. According to… Read More
Categories: IT News

Hands On With The Ubi, A Voice-Activated “Ubiquitous Computer”

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 12:14
Have you ever wanted to stand on the bridge of your very own spacecraft and, in a stentorian voice, proudly declaim “Computer? What is the weather in Brooklyn tomorrow?” The Ubi, announced a few years ago and successfully funded to the tune of $229,000, was supposed to offer us this Picardian Utopia of always-on computing and, to a degree, they’ve succeeded. What does the Ubi do?… Read More
Categories: IT News

Mobile App Developer Movile Doubles Down On Kids Content

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 11:22
Movile, the Brazilian mobile shopping and entertainment company is doubling down on its investment in kids programming and entertainment with a new $5 million investment. The move, which occurred earlier this month, is the latest in a series of investments meant to bulk up the company’s mobile platform as it expands internationally. Movile is funneling the money into its PlayKids a, an iOS… Read More
Categories: IT News

Oculus Hack Uses Cameras And Music To Mess With Your Perception

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 11:14
By being open to indie developers and relatively cheap, the Oculus Rift has done something that no VR headset has done before it: encouraged experimentation. This crazy augmented reality perception experiment, for example? Yeah, it probably wouldn't have happened with those old headsets. Read More
Categories: IT News

Mailtracker For iOS Brings Read Receipt Functionality To Apple’s Default Mail Application

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 10:53
Want to stalk people via email, so you’ll know the moment they read your message? Or maybe you want to know if they gave your message a good look, instead of only a glance? Mailtracker, a newly launched app for iPhone, allows you to do just that, and more. Email stalking? Oh god, why am I telling you about this one? I’m already imagining the horror of the PR person’s… Read More
Categories: IT News

Philips Introduces Android-Powered 4K TVs Coming Later This Year

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 10:51
Google TV is likely going away entirely, to be replaced by a familiar face – Android. Philips has just unveiled new Ultra HD (4K, whatever you prefer) TVs (via 9to5Google) that will be running Google’s mobile OS when they hit stores in Q2 of this year. The sets seem to be coming to Europe and Russia first, but it won’t be long before the little Android bot makes its way to all of… Read More
Categories: IT News

Apple Reportedly Looking To Expand GT Advanced Sapphire Plant In Arizona

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 10:05
Apple is said to be exploring options to expand the facility it’s building with manufacturing partner GT Advanced Technologies in Arizona, a facility which is going to be used to help the companies build sapphire components for future devices. The proposed expansion, reported by AppleInsider, would see the facility plans potentially double in size, and is currently seeking bids from… Read More
Categories: IT News

Japan’s New Alert System Will Warn Mobile Users Of Incoming Missiles, Terror Attacks

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 09:59
It’s hard to imagine a more terrifying text message than one that reads “Incoming ballistic missile detected. Please find shelter.” Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency announced this morning that their alert system — similar to the one you might’ve seen lately for broadcasting AMBER alerts to your phone in the U.S. — will now automatically warn… Read More
Categories: IT News

BBM Now At 85M Monthly Active Users, 113M Registered Users, 500,000 Channels

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 09:32
The BlackBerry that’s in the process of reinventing itself is an increasingly cross-platform creature — retrenching to serving its enterprise core by seeking to help them manage the bring-your-own-device wave that decimated its previous business. Mobile device management — or rather the broader ‘enterprise mobility management’ field — is not… Read More
Categories: IT News

Google Naps, For When You Need A Nap Nearby

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 09:21
Dear Google, please don't sue the guys who built this adorable Google Maps parody. Following on today's theme of laziness, two men from the Netherlands named Kakhiel and Venour have developed a smart little tool to help you find the nearest nap. Meet, Google Naps. Read More
Categories: IT News