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Updated: 24 min 28 sec ago

U.S. Smartphone Market Share Numbers for Q1 2014

10 hours 38 min ago
Yesterday, Nielsen released its first quarter 2014 smartphone market share numbers for the United States, including numbers for the leading smartphone OS options and the leading device manufacturers.
Categories: IT News

Android mobile ad traffic beats iOS for first time

11 hours 53 min ago
Android smartphones and tablets now get the most mobile ad traffic worldwide, but iPhones and iPads still get 52% of the revenue.
Categories: IT News

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 4 line-up goes on sale May 1 starting at $199.99

12 hours 46 min ago
Three versions of the new Galaxy Tab 4 tablet line will go on sale in the U.S. on May 1, with the new 7-in. Wi-Fi model priced at $199.99.
Categories: IT News

Apple kicks off public OS X beta testing

14 hours 42 min ago
Apple today followed Microsoft in opening up pre-release, or beta, versions of its personal computer operating system to all comers.
Categories: IT News

Verizon breach report makes case for behavioral analytics

14 hours 44 min ago
Verizon's annual data-breach investigations report makes a strong case for behavioral analytics technology that looks for anomalies among user activity to spot hackers.
Categories: IT News

It's the little things that matter in Amazon Redshift upgrade

14 hours 58 min ago
Amazon Web Services has increased the number of simultaneous queries its hosted data warehouse Redshift can handle, improving performance in cases where many small queries are now forced to wait.
Categories: IT News

Google AdWords cleared in geotagging patent lawsuit

16 hours 34 min ago
Google AdWords does not infringe a location-based search patent owned by a company called GeoTag, a U.S. judge ruled in a case in which Google and Microsoft teamed up to come to the aid of customers who use their mapping services.
Categories: IT News

China's Xiaomi targets ten markets in international expansion

17 hours 53 min ago
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi plans to enter ten foreign markets later this year, including Brazil, Mexico and Russia, in a bid to expand globally with its low-cost but cutting-edge phones.
Categories: IT News

Toshiba, SanDisk NAND flash memory shrinks to 15-nanometer process

18 hours 57 min ago
Partners Toshiba and SanDisk have developed 15-nanometer process technology for NAND flash memory widely used in smartphones and tablets.
Categories: IT News

Bing for schools out of pilot stage, promises ad-free search

19 hours 47 min ago
Microsoft is throwing open an advertisement-free version of its Bing search engine to all eligible kindergarten to 12th grade schools in the U.S., after completing the pilot stage of this program that was first run in five large public school districts.
Categories: IT News

NSA spying revelations have tired out China's Huawei

20 hours 42 min ago
Revelations about U.S. secret surveillance programs have left China's Huawei Technologies exhausted on the public relations front, a top company executive said Wednesday.
Categories: IT News

FCC adds $9 billion to broadband subsidy fund

21 hours 49 min ago
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted Wednesday to shift US$9 billion over five years from traditional telephone subsidies to broadband subsidies, in an effort to bring high-speed Internet services to 5 million U.S. residents who don't have access.
Categories: IT News

Enterprise and service provider networking port revenues reach $39B

21 hours 57 min ago
Routers, switches and other networking gear became a $39 billion market in 2013, as 40G took hold in the data center and 100G became the new standard for service providers, according to the latest research from Infonetics.
Categories: IT News

Brazil's senate passes Internet legislation ahead of NETmundial conference

21 hours 59 min ago
Brazil's Federal Senate has passed a proposed Internet law that aims to guarantee freedom of expression and privacy to the country's Internet users, and also requires foreign Internet service providers to fall in line with the country's rules.
Categories: IT News

Microsoft's Bing goes ad-free for all U.S. schools

22 hours 27 min ago
Microsoft yesterday opened its ad-free Bing search engine option to all U.S. K-12 schools, both public and private, after running a pilot program since August.
Categories: IT News

Web apps and point-of-sale were leading hacker targets in 2013, says Verizon

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 12:06
Web application attacks, cyber-espionage and point-of-sale intrusions were among the top IT security threats in 2013, according to Verizon's latest annual report on data breach investigations.
Categories: IT News

BMC automates the mainframe change ticket

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 12:06
Mainframe operators using BMC software may now be able to enjoy the speedy, devops-style development pace that is quickly becoming the norm for customer-facing mobile applications and Internet services.
Categories: IT News

US to vote on sharp increase in broadband subsidies

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 11:55
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote Wednesday on a proposal to pump US$1.8 billion into a fund that subsidizes broadband deployments in rural communities.
Categories: IT News

Coding error protects some Android apps from Heartbleed

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 11:52
Some Android apps thought to be vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug were spared because of a common coding error in the way they implemented their own native OpenSSL library.
Categories: IT News

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 18

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 11:14
The iOSphere this past week wondered at the prospect of iPhone 6 with a Supercharged Siri, an all-knowing, all-doing software entity that will manage your iOS life for you. Eventually, probably in iOS 9, Siri will offer psychotherapy.
Categories: IT News