Student Research

Past Honors Projects in Africana Studies

Tracey Shirey: Common Patterns in an Uncommon Place: The Civil Rights Movement and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in Waterloo, Iowa (with Professor Patrick Rael)

Hannah Wurgaft: The Federal Disproportionate Minority Contact Mandate: An Examination of Its Effectiveness in Reducing Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice (with Professors Craig McEwen and Brian Purnell)

"Reilly" Hannah Lorastein: Who We Are: Incarcerated Students and the New Prison Literature, 1995-2010 (with Professor Tess Chakkalakal)

Rami T. Stucky: Rhythm, Rage, and Restraint: The Music of Nina Simone and John Coltrane on the Birmingham Bombing (with Professor Tracy McMullen)

Wyatt A. Littles: Change as Choice: College Basketball Recruiting and Black Male Participation in the NESCAC (with Professors Judith Casselerry and Brian Purnell)

Isa I. Abney: Queer Bedfellows: Reading the Collaboration Between the Black Panther Party and the Gay Liberation (with Professors Jen Scanlon and Brian Purnell)

Kai P. Parker: Porgy and Bess, Cold War Propaganda, and the Evolution of the Civil Rights Movement, 1952-1956

Jessica A. McCree: Spatial Distance, Social Distance: White Reactions to an Informal Settlement In Hout Bay, Cape Town

Rebecca G. Grauer: Neo-colonialism, Paternalism and AIDS in Kenya

Natasha J. Padilla: White Female Accountability in the Works of Alice Childress