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We encourage you to have ongoing contact with a current Bowdoin student, one who has first-hand insight and can tell you about the professors, the course load, campus housing, the social life, the ins and outs.


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Ask a Student: Patrick BloniaszPatrick Bloniasz

Hometown: Brookline, New Hampshire
Major: Mathematics and Neuroscience
Minor: Philosophy

Campus involvement: Chamber Choir, America Counts Tutor, Researcher, Tour Guide, Student Admissions Volunteer Organization, Programming Chair for MacMillan House, BowdoinCollegeTEDx, Summer Health Class Trainer/Instructor, Club Basketball, and various McKeen Center Programs.

How I found Bowdoin: I came across Bowdoin when reading about volunteerism in U.S colleges during my sophomore year of high school. I ended up visiting Bowdoin at the very start of my college search, immediately fell in love with the Offer of the College, and then bought a key lanyard in a fit of excitement. For the rest of my high school career, that lanyard followed me; no matter what I did for clubs or where I went to visit schools, Bowdoin was always on the back of my mind. From that first contact, Brunswick has been a second home to me. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else and, thus, decided to apply early decision. I have never regretted a moment.


Jeremiah Brown   Jeremiah Brown

Hometown: Cabot, Arkansas
Major: Undeclared but likely Sociology and Education coordinate major
Minor: Undeclared but likely Economics minor

Campus Involvement: Mock Trial, Dining Services, Tour Guide, sits on Student Appeals and Grievances Committee, Rugby, Programming Chair of Boody-Johnson House, Student Admissions Volunteer Organization, Outing Club and Black Student Union

How I found Bowdoin: It wasn't until September of my senior year that I found out about Bowdoin. I'd been watching Grey's Anatomy when I saw the episode with Derek Shepard wearing a Bowdoin sweatshirt. Coming from a rural area in the Deep South, I had never heard of liberal arts colleges before, but I received college mail from Bowdoin within the same week of watching that episode. Since the name was familiar I decided to research it; I discovered the fly-in program, applied, was accepted and attended. After visiting Bowdoin's campus and seeing the intimacy that all of campus shared from students up to Bowdoin's President Clayton Rose, I knew a liberal arts college was for me. I came back to Arkansas and told my mother about the funded internship grant, the College Houses and the institutional support that is shown to students on an individual basis even after undergraduate graduation, and we decided to take a risk into the concept of a liberal arts college and apply Early Decision (ED). Since then-we both agree-it was a risk well worth it as my time at Bowdoin has been exceptional. 


Ask a Student: Maggie BurkeMaggie Burke

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Major: History
Minor: Hispanic Studies

Campus involvement: Receptionist at the admissions office, Student Assistant at the Media Commons in HL, Programming Chair of Burnett House, Dancer with VAGUE, a student led jazz dance group, Chair of Hospital Relations for The Bowdoin College Dance Marathon, a charity organization run through the McKeen Center.

How I found Bowdoin: All I knew going into my junior year of high school was that I wanted a small, liberal arts college for my undergraduate experience. When I visited Bowdoin later that year, it was my first time ever visiting Maine. I knew I wanted to experience something a bit different from my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, but I never thought I would fall in love with a school that was so far away. Though I was nervous I would be homesick, I couldn't be happier that I applied to Bowdoin. I felt so at home from the minute I got to campus. With such amazing classes and professors, extensive extracurriculars, and its proximity to both the city of Portland and the ocean, I knew I would never run out of things to learn and places to explore. Despite its distance from Kansas City, Bowdoin has since become my home away from home, and I'm so happy I decided to take a leap of faith and look into this amazing institution during my college search. 


Nana HayamiNana Hayami

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major: Government and Legal Studies / Digital and Computational Studies coordinate major
Minor: Francophone Studies 

Campus Involvement: Receptionist and tour guide at the admissions office, Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, Co-Leader of Bowdoin Music Mentors Program, International Students Association

How I found Bowdoin: I actually heard about Bowdoin at the very end of my college search. I visited campus five days before the Early Decision I deadline and immediately fell in love and felt this strong connection with the College. I was fascinated by the Offer of the College and the idea of Common Good, the kind and generous community, and the beautiful location and proximity to the coast. I knew I was able to learn and grow at this place, and I decided to apply Early Decision. As an International student and being so far away from home, there were times I was nervous about not being able to fit in and getting homesick. However, being surrounded by very supportive, caring, and passionate people at Bowdoin, I have never regretted my decision. I am so happy that I decided to apply to Bowdoin, and I feel incredibly grateful to be here.


Matsu Hikida Maddie Hikida

Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Major: Religion
Minor: Education

Campus Involvement: Tour guide and receptionist at the Admissions office, Theater and Dance Department Technician, Bowdoin Hillel 2020 Fellowship, co-head of Sunrise Bowdoin, co-head of the DisAbled Students Association, Bowdoin Outing Club Trip Leader, Campus Sexual Assault Advocate, Technology Director for RISE 2020, Multiracial Student Union, Women's Ultimate Frisbee, The Bowdoin Harpoon.

How I found Bowdoin: The first time I heard about Bowdoin, I was a freshman in high school and an older friend was telling me about how incredible it was for Bowdoin to be test-optional. The first time I visited Bowdoin, something about it just felt right. It was humid and hot, but everyone was incredibly kind- one of the many things that drew me ever closer to Bowdoin. And this isn't just my jaded NYC-self-talking, I tested this by smiling at 10 people and keeping track of who smiled back. When all 10 (and then some!) people smiled back, I knew that I was home- and I was right! The Brunswick and Bowdoin community have been so incredibly welcoming to me and my classmates. Even off-campus, I couldn't be prouder to be a Bowdoin student!


Rubin JonesRubin Jones

Hometown: Rogers, Arkansas
Major: Undeclared (likely an Environmental Studies and Francophone Studies coordinate major)

Campus involvement: SWAG (Sexuality, Women, and Gender) Center Student Director, Residential Life Proctor, Intramural badminton, Bowdoin Queer Straight Alliance, Masque and Gown, Bowdoin Outing Club, admissions tour guide

How I Found Bowdoin: As I started my college search process, I decided to look into what a liberal arts college was. Very few seniors from my high school went to out-of-state schools, much less an “LAC (Liberal Arts College),” so I knew nothing about schools like Bowdoin. After doing some research and deciding that an intimate liberal arts education was for me, I narrowed down my search and spent the night here. I had a feeling coming in that this was the place for me, but after spending the night with current students and experiencing friendly campus culture firsthand, I applied early decision. Despite being over a thousand miles away from my parents and their cooking, I could not be happier with my decision.


Taylor JorgensenTaylor Jorgensen

Hometown: Winthrop, Maine
Major: English and Education Coordinate Major

Campus Involvement: America Reads and Counts, Student Admissions Volunteer Organization

How I Found Bowdoin: I grew up knowing Bowdoin because my parents graduated from here, so from the time I was in the 3rd grade, it was my dream school. When I got to high school, I wasn’t sure if I would still want to go to a school so close to home, but after reading about Bowdoin’s programs and visiting campus as a potential student, I fell in love. I noticed that people on campus seemed genuinely happy to be here and I feel the same.


Ask a Student: Aine LawlorAine Lawlor

Hometown: Helena, Montana
Major: Government & Legal Studies
Minor: English

Campus involvement: Women's Varsity Soccer team, Bowdoin Outing Club (completed leadership training and am a trained raft guide, telemark ski instructor, and nordic ski instructor), led a McKeen Center orientation trip, led an Alternative Spring Break focused on poverty and homelessness in Maine, volunteer weekly at the Volunteer Lawyer's Project in Portland, writing assistant at the Writing Center in the CLT, associate editor and writer (and soon-to-be editor in chief) of the Bowdoin Harpoon (our satire publication on campus), completed a training institute and worked with the Office of Gender Violence Prevention and Education, student representative on the Bias Incident Committee, Admissions Tour Guide, student employee at the Pub, mentor at Brunswick High School, Bowdoin RISE cast member, OutAllies member

How I found Bowdoin: When thinking about college, I knew I wanted a small liberal arts school that was academically rigorous and offered a strong connection to place and thus I was drawn to the NESCACs. I quickly realized that Bowdoin offered great academics, strong athletic teams, extensive alumni connections, and it did so in an absolutely beautiful location. I visited Bowdoin and loved the trails around campus, the Coastal Studies Center, and all of the people I met. I had a general idea of what I was looking for in a school, but Bowdoin has given me so much more than what I had expected!  


Giovanna Munguia  Giovanna Munguia

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Major: Economics and Government & Legal Studies

Campus Involvement: International Students Association, Alumni Fund Ambassador, Orientation Trip leader, Bowdoin RISE cast member, Intramural Soccer, Craft Center Member, Admissions Office Receptionist and Tour Guide

How I found Bowdoin: As a senior in high school I was still unsure of what I wanted to study but knew that a "liberal arts" education would be the right fit. Since I was living abroad, I had to rely on online resources and Princeton Review's "The Best 378 Colleges" for most of my college search. Through this process, I came across Bowdoin and I learned about its stimulating academic environment and its vibrant and welcoming community. Bowdoin has a warmth that I could feel all the way to El Salvador through my emails with students or phonecalls with my Student Aid counselor.


Kate Walsh Kate Walsh

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Major: Neuroscience / Digital and Computational Studies Coordinate Major 

Campus Involvement: TEDxBowdoinCollege co-president, Ultimate Frisbee team member, House Chair of Helmreich House, Researcher, Bowdoin RISE cast member, OutAllies member, Office of Gender Violence Prevention Leadership Institute participant, Admissions Tour Guide, Masque and Gown 

How I found Bowdoin: Going into the college process, I had no idea what I was looking for in a college and ended up visiting 25 schools. With no official tours being offered the day I visited Bowdoin, my mom and I walked around campus and spoke to a handful of students about their experience. I was drawn to Bowdoin’s commitment to a collaborative academic experience, access to research, perfect location on the coast, and so many different ways to be involved around campus. Bowdoin ended up being the last school I visited because I knew after that day that Bowdoin was the perfect choice for me. I could not imagine being anywhere else, and I feel lucky every day that I get to experience everything Bowdoin has to offer.