CASCO Conference Funding FAQs

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is generously supporting the 2019 CASCO Conference and has awarded a grant to help with travel and participation costs for high school staff (e.g. counselors, teachers, and/or principals) and community-based organizations (CBOs) serving large populations of underrepresented students.

Q: What type of financial assistance is offered?

Upon registering for CASCO, you will be asked if you need financial assistance and will be given the option of selecting “transportation costs,” “participation costs,” or “both.”

Q: Who is eligible to receive financial assistance?

Attendees who work for high schools or CBOs that serve primarily underrepresented students are able to receive funding support to attend CASCO. (Individuals working for colleges/universities and who are seeking financial assistance will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are given second priority.)

Q: What transportation costs are covered?

Simply put, up to $350/person for any transportation costs associated with attending CASCO. The following tables outline which costs are reimbursable.

Reimbursement Eligible
  • A roundtrip ticket via plane, train, or bus to Portland, Maine.
  • Ground transport to/from your home airport or train/bus station.
  • Ground transport to Bowdoin College from the airport, train station, or bus terminal in Portland, Maine on the arrival day (Monday, June 17).

Not Reimbursement Eligible
  • Ground transport from Bowdoin College to the airport, train station, or bus terminal in Portland, Maine on the day of departure (Wednesday, June 19) will be provided.

Q: What participation costs are covered?

We cover the registration fee ($225), which includes the following:

  • Monday, June 17th - Opening Reception/Dinner
  • Tuesday, June 18th - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Wednesday, June 19th - Breakfast and Lunch
  • On-Campus Housing → Single-bedrooms with shared bathrooms in a Bowdoin College dorm for the nights of Monday, June 17th and Tuesday, June 18th

Q: May I extend my stay in Maine before or after CASCO?

Yes. Maine is gorgeous in the summer! (Please know that we will not be able to provide lodging assistance beyond the official conference dates.)

Q: Are multiple attendees from a single CBO or high school able to receive funding to attend the conference?

A: Unfortunately, we are only able to offer funding support to one individual per CBO/high school.

Q: What if I need to cancel my participation and I received financial assistance?

Please notify us ASAP so that we may recoup costs and open up your spot to another person.

Q: So...what are the next steps if I need financial assistance to attend CASCO?

The next steps are as follows:

  • Register on the CASCO website (if you are requesting assistance with the registration fee, then you will skip the payment page once you complete the registration).
  • If you do not need assistance with the registration fee, then please submit the registration fee.
  • Upon seeing that you are requesting financial assistance, a member of the CASCO team will reach out directly to 1) confirm/approve your request for financial assistance and 2) share the reimbursement process/timeline.