Letter from the Dean, March 2020

Whitney Soule, Dean of Admissions and Student AidGreetings from Bowdoin Admissions,

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is serious, fast-moving, and disrupting almost every aspect of how we work, learn, and connect with one another. At Bowdoin, we have transitioned to remote teaching and learning for our faculty and students, and to remote work for staff. We have postponed graduation and reunion. We are questioning, problem-solving, and adapting at a rapid pace. We know that not every solution will be perfect, but we are committed to progress and to supporting our community.

We also know that your environment is disrupted, unfamiliar, and posing more questions than there are available answers. We understand, and in the midst of so much uncertainty, we are here for you.

Here is what you can expect from Bowdoin admissions and student aid:

Our environment not only functions on, but thrives on, relationships. We love meeting admitted students, prospective students, families, and school and organization counselors in person. And since we can’t meet you in person right now, we’re committed to meeting you virtually! In addition to the online tours we already have on our admissions site, we are hosting virtual livestreamed info sessions, chats with admissions officers, chats with students, Instagram stories, and content that we can send to you in the mail if your access to the internet is limited.

Please be sure to join the mailing list so that you receive the content we are building—virtually or in the mail! 

Admitted Students to the Class of 2024:

Student aid: We know that this crisis may have you worried about affordability. If you are an admitted student and trying to sort out questions about your aid award or affordability in general, know that our student aid officers are ready to help you—check your Application Portal for the schedule to sign up for an individual appointment, or to find your student aid officer. Our student aid for admitted students webpage also provides tip sheets and FAQs to help answer your questions.

Final grades and transcript: As many of you have moved to remote learning, your grading system might be different, you may not have final exams as planned, and you may be unsure when you will actually graduate. We understand these are new realities, and we’re ready. We will work with you, your family, and your school to get you to Bowdoin.

Visiting: Many of you have been admitted without ever visiting campus or meeting anyone from Bowdoin, and now you are wondering how to make a decision about attending. We get it. We’ve built lots of virtual ways to meet Bowdoin—our students, our faculty, our staff—over the course of the next few weeks, so join the Facebook group, follow us on Instagram @bowdoin24, and keep your eye on the Bowdoin Admitted Student web page for new content loaded regularly. Have an urgent question or concern? You can reach out to an admissions officer directly or email us at bowdoin2024@bowdoin.edu. And, remember . . . we knew you were a good match for Bowdoin without getting to meet you first. We hope that we can help you feel the same way.

Deposit deadline: Our deposit deadline is May 1, 2020. We know it’s a lot of pressure to choose a school even in the best conditions, and to try and do that with so many other uncertainties might feel rushed. We want you to feel good about choosing Bowdoin—that’s why we’re all-hands-on-deck to get you the information you need. Once we know who is confirmed in our Class of 2024, then we can get started on your housing, roommate match-ups, and advisors, and we want to make sure our colleagues across campus have time to prepare for your arrival.

Prospective Students for the Class of 2025:

Browsing: Trying to get started with a college search when you can’t visit, go to a college fair, or meet a college representative at your schools is tough. But we’re a creative bunch at Bowdoin, and we’re building out new ways to show you what Bowdoin is like and who we are! We’ll have our offerings of virtual info sessions and live chats available in the next week. The best thing you can do is fill out this form to get more information.

Affordability: If you are a prospective student and just trying to get a handle on whether Bowdoin might be affordable, we have two price calculators available on our student aid site for you. And our student aid counselors are standing by to answer your questions too! You can email sao@bowdoin.edu.

High school transcripts: Chances are, your school is finishing the year remotely, maybe on a different schedule, maybe with different grades, and definitely in a way that feels unfamiliar. We get it. When you are ready to apply, we will evaluate your transcript within the context of this crisis. Focus on managing what is in front of you right now, and we'll focus on how to adapt our process and our evaluations as necessary.


Whitney Soule
Senior Vice President
Dean of Admissions and Student Aid