Areas Impacted by Natural Disasters and CPS Strikes

Accommodations for students applying to Bowdoin

We understand that natural disasters in California and Texas as well as the ongoing closure of public schools in Chicago are severely impacting students, their families, and communities. The disruption to the academic year is significant and the details of college application materials and deadlines may cause added stress to students, teachers, and counselors at this time. We are offering the following accommodations which we hope will provide some relief in the application process to those affected.

  1. While our ED1 application deadline is November 15, we are prepared to work with students on the ED1 deadline or the ED2/RD deadline of January 1. The same flexibility also extends to our financial aid deadlines.

  2. We are prepared to waive the Letter of Recommendation requirements for students affected. If submitted, recommendations will be included in our review, but applicants will not be disadvantaged without these recommendations. Students may submit a recommendation from a community member—church, volunteer work, employment, etc.

  3. If the student is not submitting recommendations, they are invited to submit a scanned copy of a graded paper. This is COMPLETELY optional.

  4. Senior Grades—Please let us know if an adjustment to your school calendar has impacted availability of senior grades by the application deadline.

As always, we are completely test optional and will accept self-reported test scores. Students who are first-generation to college or applying for financial aid do not have an application fee.

We will continue monitor the situations in Chicago and California, and are willing to work with students. This was our policy during Hurricanes Harvey and Maria and with the wildfires in California last year. Please be in touch should you have any questions,