Please contact these individuals to schedule an appointment to notarize documents. For notary services in conjunction with travel or College business, please contact Meg Hart.

Meg Hart
Treasurer's Office
Ham House
3 Bath Road
(207) 725-3092
Jim Kelley
Treasurer's Office
Ham House
3 Bath Road
(207) 725-3115
Sharon King
Facilities Management
Rhodes Hall
(207) 725-3413
S. Catherine Longley (Notary Public and Dedimus Justice)
Treasurer's Office
Ham House
(207) 725-3242
Robin M. Saindon
Controller's Office
McLellan Building
(207) 725-3584
Delmar Small
Concert, Budget & Equipment Manager
Gibson Hall
(207) 725-3747
Lynne M. Toussaint, CPP
Controller's Office
216 Maine Street
(207) 725-3843