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Skillful Conversations - How to Communicate to Build Relationships and Get Results - Session I*

December 12, 2017 8:30 AM  – 12:30 PM
Moulton Union, Main Lounge

We often set aside time on our calendar to learn the latest technology, yet we may not spend any learning time on improving our communication skills. Yet, think of the biggest challenges you have at work, don't they often revolve around conversations with others? In this interactive session, we'll discuss and practice specific skills to build relationships and get results. 

Session I Objectives -
1. Connect with other Bowdoin staff on your communication challenges.
2. Observe and recognize the task and human needs of communication.
3. Identify the challenges and benefits of listening and 6 key skills to improve.
4. Review an effective model for giving positive feedback and feedback for improvement to others.
5. Write and commit to an action plan to apply the skills on the job.

*Session II will be offered 3/6/2018. Sessions I and II offer different learning objectives and can be taken separately or together. For more information on the learning objectives for each session, visit the Employee Enrichment Calendar on the HR website Learning page.