Student Affairs. Student Center for Multicultural Life

The Student Center for Multicultural Life (SCML), located at 30 College Street, provides support resources, safe space, and education for Bowdoin College students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented (specifically first-generation students, students of racial and ethnic minorities, and low income students). SCML supports the College’s mission to foster an environment free of fear and intimidation and where differences can flourish. We seek to bring together people of varying experiences and perspectives to learn and grow with the creative friction generated in contact with difference. The center facilitates programming and activities that celebrate and share the rich cultures of the students, staff, and faculty that make up our community. Through cross-cultural interactions, we hope to build bridges between people of different backgrounds and prepare them to contribute to a world in flux as culturally competent leaders. There are a number of programs that contribute to this mission including, but not limited to, our heritage month celebrations (Latinx Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Asian Heritage Month), Freedom Fridays, first-generation student programming, and our annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. All are welcome to engage.