Faculty-led Travel

Course‐related and co‐curricular international travel led by faculty members has the potential significantly to enrich students’ understanding of a particular region or society by linking in‐depth academic coursework at Bowdoin with experiential learning elsewhere in the world.

The logistical and pedagogical complexities of such trips require significant effort on the part of faculty members designing and leading such trips, and the College stands ready to help.

International travel experiences raise pedagogical and administrative issues, and the professors leading these experiences can benefit from support and advice from both faculty and staff.

Usually substantial lead‐time is needed to plan and coordinate a trip. The following outlines the process by which faculty members apply for approval by the College for such travel and the support mechanisms in place to assist faculty.

Types of faculty‐led trips related to the curriculum:

  •  Course‐related international travel

These trips are a required part of a credit‐bearing course at Bowdoin, including independent studies or honors projects.

  •  Co-curricular international travel

These trips are not part of a course and do not carry any academic credit but they are directly related to the students’ course of study and enrich their academic experience by exposing them to new places and new ways of seeing the world. Recent examples of such co‐curricular travel include the faculty‐led student trip to France over spring break, chamber choir trips to Europe, and the Niarchos‐funded trip to Greece for Classics students.