Information on Writing Project Courses and Workshops

Writing Project Courses Fall 2022

For all students enrolled in the following writing-assisted courses, peer Writing Assistants read drafts of two writing assignments and discuss them in conferences with the writers. Writers then have the opportunity to revise their work before submitting it to their instructor for further feedback and a grade. 

To learn more about how writing assistance works, please visit The Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching: Writing and Rhetoric or call the director of Writing and Rhetoric, Meredith McCarroll at (207) 721-5056.

Course Number Course Name Instructor
BIO 2319/ENVS 2229 Biology of Marine Organisms Bethany Whalon
CHEM 3055/ENVS 3904 Catalysis in Sustainable Chemical Processes Brandon Tate
CINE 1101 Film Narrative Tanya Goldman
HIST 2064 History of Medicine, from the Black Death to Cholera Meghan Roberts