Structure of Review Committee Visit

The review committee visit typically takes place over a two- or three-day period.

The scheduling of meeting times for individual faculty and staff is arranged by the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs in consultation with the department chair/program director (who shares it with departmental/program colleagues). Among other possible meetings, the schedule will include:

  • Meetings with all faculty members in the department either in an individual or group setting (while it may be necessary that meetings include more than one faculty member, individual meetings with tenure-track (junior) faculty are a priority);
  • Meetings (if possible) or phone conversations with faculty on leave;
  • Group or individual consultations with other members of the instructional staff;
  • Consultation with students (majors and minors);
  • Meetings with relevant faculty from other departments or programs;
  • Exit interview with all department/program faculty;
  • Initial consultation with the academic deans; and
  • Final consultation with the president and the academic deans.