Faculty Seminar Series

Spring 2018

12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Main Lounge, Moulton Union
Open to Faculty and Staff
Subject to Change


Tues., Jan. 30   Anne McBride (Biology and Biochemistry)
“How to Send a Message:  Pathogenic Yeast and the Re in Research” 

Wed., Feb. 7   Mark Battle (Physics)
"Oxygen at Harvard Forest:  Fourteen Years of Work, Nine Eleven Student Co-Authors . . . All for One Number"

Wed., Feb. 14   Nadia Celis (Romance Languages and Literatures, Hispanic Studies) 
"Chronicle of a 'Terrible Love:'  Fiction and Power in a Garcia Marquez's Classic” 

Tues., Feb. 20   Davis Robinson (Theater and Dance)
“The Resilience of Comedy:  Why "a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants' Matters”

Wed., Feb. 28   Jason Middleton (Cinema Studies)
“Is That All There Is? Time and Feeling in Longitudinal Cinema”

Tues., March 6   Danielle Dube (Chemistry and Biochemistry) 
"Hitting the Sweet Spot:  Taking Advantage of the Sugar Coating on Bacterial Cells as a Means to Develop Selective Antibiotics"
Wed., March 28   Thomas Pietraho (Mathematics)
"Birds, Books, and Matrices:  A Brief Adventure in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks"

Tues., April 3   Frank Goodyear (Bowdoin Museum of Art)
"Winslow Homer and the Camera:  Photography and the Art of Painting"
Wed., April 11   Marika Cifor (Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies)
"Archiving AIDS:  Nostalgia, Community, and Contested Narratives"

Tues., April 17  
Christy Thomas (Music)   
 “Opera and Cinema:  The Case of Puccini”

Wed., April 25   Idriss Jebari (History)
"Transition, Memory, and Histories of Violence in North Africa: A Comparison of Recent Experiences"

Tues., May 1   Sarah Kingston (Biology)
"Saxy Science:  Student-driven Investigation of Ecological Divergence in the Intertidal Snail, Littorina Saxatilis"