Faculty Seminar Series

Spring 2015

12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Main Lounge, Moulton Union
Open to Faculty and Staff
Subject to Change


Tues., Jan. 27  Allison Cooper (Romance Languages and Cinema Studies), Crystal Hall (Digital Humanities), and Ann Kibbie (English)
 “Digital Humanities Projects in the Classroom: Three Case Studies” 

Wed., Feb. 4  Jonathan Goldstein (Economics) 
 “Nearly Everything You Need to Know about Hip Replacement Surgery: An Economist's Perspective”

Tues., Feb. 10  Jill Pearlman (Environmental Studies) 
“The Spies Who Came into the Modernist Fold: The Covert Life of London's Lawn Road Flats, 1934-42” 

Wed., Feb. 18  Nathaniel Wheelwright (Biology) 
 “Crowdsourcing for Conservation: Making Tropical Cloud Forest Science Available in Spanish”

Tues., Feb. 24  Jennifer Scanlon (Gender and Women's Studies) 
 “Art, Craft, or the Space Between? The Folly Cove Women's Printmaking Collective”

Wed., March 4   Rachel Connelly (Economics) 
 “The Role of Coresidency with Adult Children in the Labor Force Participation Decisions of Older Men and Women in China”
Tues., March 24   Thomas Baumgarte (Physics) 
 “100 Years of Gravity”

Wed., April 1  Stephen Perkinson (Art History) 
Inaugural Lecture, Peter M. Small Associate Professorship
 “The Ivory Grin: Humor and the Macabre in Sixteenth-Century Memento Mori Imagery”
Tues., April 7  Jack Bateman (Biology) 
Inaugural Lecture, Samuel S. Butcher Assistant Professorship in the Natural Sciences
“Here's to the Weird and the Wonderful:  Some Adventures in Biology”

Tues., April 14   Birgit Tautz (German)   
 “Misreadings, Re-Readings, New Readings: On Lessing's Hamburg Tragedy

Wed., April 22   Vineet Shende (Music)
"Piano Concerto"

Wed., April 29   Rachel Sturman (History) 
“Notes on the History and Politics of Urban Development in Contemporary Mumbai”