Academic Affairs

Fall 2013

Faculty Seminar Series

Fall 2013

Wed., Sept. 11  Allen Wells (History)
“Rep. Charles Porter and the Crusade for Latin American Democracy During the Cold War”

Tues., Sept. 17  Samuel Putnam (Psychology)
“Don't Touch! Temperament and Parenting as Independent Predictors of Toddlers' Ability to Resist Temptation”

Wed., Sept. 25 Amy Johnson (Marine Biology)
“What Puts the Bounce in a Seastar's Step?”

Tues., Oct. 1 Robert Morrison (Religion)
Talk TBD

Wed., Oct. 9 Aaron Kitch (English)
“Occult Sexualities in the English Renaissance”

Tues., Oct. 22 Susan Bell (Sociology)
"Providing Hospital Care for New Mainers: Bridging Differences in Outpatient Settings"

Wed., Oct. 30   Nancy Riley (Sociology)
“Finding a Place: Chinatown and the Chinese in Hawai'i”

☼Tues., Nov. 5  Susan Wegner (Art History)
"Ovid's Metamorphoses, Astronomy and Painting in Galileo's Florence"

☼Tues., Nov. 12 Carrie Scanga(Art)
Talk TBD

 Wed., Nov. 20  Yao Tang (Economics)
"How Did Exchange Rates Affect Employment in U.S. Cities?"

 Wed., Dec. 4  Enrique Yepes (Romance Languages)
Talk TBD

Open to faculty and staff.  Subject to change.