Faculty Professional Conference Travel Fund


The faculty travel program, administered by the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs, is intended to support the instructional purposes of the College by enabling faculty members to participate regularly in meetings of learned societies.


The allowance is $1,200 for each benefits-eligible faculty member.

Faculty participating at either a conference held outside the U.S. or more than one conference in an academic year (July - June) are eligible to request an $800 supplement to their travel allotment (bringing the total funding to $2,000.) For supplemental funds please complete the Travel Enhancement Request Form. This form must be submitted prior to the travel that will be funded by the supplement.

Faculty members may also submit proposals to the Faculty Development Committee to support conference travel in excess of what is available from the dean's office.


Faculty members in the instructional ranks may apply to the dean’s office for reimbursement of conference travel expenses under the following conditions (prior approval is not required):

  • Benefits-eligible faculty members in the instructional ranks will have an annual travel allowance of $1,200. For faculty who do not request additional funding, the unexpended balance of their travel allowance in year 1 may be applied to eligible expenses in year 2, with a maximum of $2,400 per year. Travel allowances are not transferable.
  • Eligible expenses include the costs of transportation by the most economical available means, lodging, meals, and conference registration fees.
  • Bowdoin College has selected Direct Travel as its exclusive travel agency to provide air travel services, car rentals, hotel reservations and rail services for faculty and staff. You will not be charged a booking or agent fee when you book College travel through Direct Travel.

Requesting Reimbursement

  • Faculty members should request reimbursement using Certify. Please use the faculty conference code which is 220040 and select the appropriate faculty conference account code. The mileage rate for travel after January 1, 2017 is $0.535.  The College requires that all expenses over $50 be documented by an itemized receipt. Those traveling by air should attach to the reimbursement form the original passenger receipt for your flight, even if direct-billed by Direct Travel. To the extent possible, please submit all expenses for a conference on a single Certify report, separate from other non-conference expenses.
  • Requests for reimbursement are to be made within 60 days from the date of the expense(s), and in all cases must be received in the same fiscal year in which the conference takes place. Trips that straddle fiscal years may be reimbursed in either year.

Please contact Tori Ryan in the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs (ext 3065; email: vryan@bowdoin.edu) with questions.