Forms and Policies

Bowdoin College has policies and procedures in place to maintain a high standard for teaching and research. This section provides access to forms and policies that many faculty and academic staff use regularly.

Bowdoin College is dedicated to undergraduate education. Accordingly, a high standard of teaching (including consultation outside the classroom and active participation in advising) is essential. Faculty members are also expected to be involved in their field outside the College, making scholarly, artistic, or other contributions which are recognized by the larger professional community. Each faculty member is further expected to participate in the intellectual and artistic life of the College community as well as to share in the work of the academic departments and in college governance by accepting appropriate adminis­trative responsibilities, committee memberships and other duties that are essential to the life of the institution.

Faculty should become familiar with the policies and information contained in the Faculty Handbook. Further information concerning degree requirements and student academic conduct may be found in the Academic Handbook and the Student Handbook. Policies applicable to all College employees, such as those involving employee benefits, may be found in the Employee Handbook or by consulting the Human Resources office.

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