Quantitative Reasoning

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Reserve a time to meet with a Quantitative Reasoning tutor in the Center for Learning and Teaching here.

You can reserve a new appointment, review your currently reserved sessions, or cancel an appointment by clicking on "Make an Appointment" below.

You must cancel by noon of the day of your appointment, or you will be considered a "no-show." If you fail to show up for two appointments without canceling in time, you will be blocked from reserving appointments in advance, although you may drop in for an appointment during any evening session and will be seen as time permits.

If you arrive more than ten minutes late, your slot may be assigned to a waiting student.

Q-Tutors do not help with take-home exams or quizzes.

FMI or questions: Contact the Administrative Coordinator, Center for Learning and Teaching, Tammis Donovan, tdonovan@bowdoin.edu or Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Program, Eric Gaze, egaze@bowdoin.edu.

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