Biology 1109 - Scientific Reasoning in Biology - Spring 2017 - William Jackman - Bowdoin College

Frog and leaf "If the [genetic] code does indeed have some logical foundation then it is legitimate to consider all the evidence, both good and bad, in any attempt to deduce it." - Francis Crick (1963)

Lectures examine fundamental biological principles, from the sub-cellular to the ecosystem level with an emphasis on critical thinking and the scientific method. Laboratory sessions will help develop a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used in the biological science by requiring students to design and conduct their own experiments. Lecture and weekly laboratory/discussion groups. To ensure proper placement, students must take the biology placement examination and must be recommended for placement in Biology 1109. Textbook is Biology: How Life Works (1ed.) by Morris et al..

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"He possesses three qualities necessary for the ideal detective. He has the power of observation and that of deduction. He is only wanting in knowledge" - Arthur Conan Doyle (1890)