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ESRI support for ArcGIS

ArcGIS Help Pages From A Trinity Student

ESRI support for ArcGIS

Open Source GIS: A site with free GIS programs, some of which are compatible with ArcGIS files.

GRASS GIS: A free GIS program designed by the US government that is now open source.

Bowdoin Resources

Long Island data is located in the CBGIS\origional data\Long Island Data\ folder.

Appalachian Data is in CBGIS\Appalachian Data\

Data from the greater Brunswick area can be found in CBGIS\GIS files\data\

Several premade project files can be found in CBGIS\GIS files\project files\

Premade maps can be found in CBGIS\GIS fiels\export\

The ES department also has a few databases that may be useful. If you need access to any of this data contact Eileen Johnson.

This a list of ES department data is at CBGIS\GIS files\Howto\cataloging of data.xls along with several other informative documents

Maine Resources

The offician Maine GIS website can be found here

US Resources

Geospatial Data Gateway: The geospatial data gateway consists of natural resource data available for download.

WebGIS: Access to land use, terrain and land cover data. Available in both lat-long and UTM.

Seamless Data Distribution System: Provides data for land cover, elevation, orthophotos, hydrography, boundaries, transportation and places.

American Factfinder: American factfinder is a government site that has spatial and attribute data from many areas.

The Earth Resources Observation Systems Data Center: Satelite and GIS datasets are available through EROS. Some are free and some cost money.

Geography Network by ESRI: This website is hosted by ESRI, the makers of ArcGIS. This website has several free and pay sets of data.

GEODE: Includes hydrology, coal, oil, glacial and stream flow datasets among others.

Guide to Mostly On-Line and Mostly Free US Geospatial and Attribute Data: This website is put together by the University Arkansas and contains links to most state data. Almost all data that you can link to from this is free.

World Resources

Mapping the Biosphere: Free maps and data of environmental data.

Google Earth: This is a free program that you can download to view areas all over the globe at fairly high resolutions. Upgrade price to the full verson varies but lets you add layers and edit them. Unfortunately Google does not make this program for OS X yet.

World Wind: Similar to Google Earth in functioning but more scientifically oriented. As with Google Earth you must download a program to use this.

Global Land Cover Facility: Land cover data including thermal data, vegitation indecies and several other data sets.

The Global Land One-km Base Elevation: Digital elevation model(DEM) data sets at 30 arc-seconds resolution.

Global Orthorectified Landsat Data: Global Orthorectified Landsat Data has lots of free data. To access it you have to locate the file #'s you need from a map and then download them from a FTP server.

WWW resources from Francek, et al (2006). Free or Inexpensive GIS Resources Available on the Web. NAGT 54:80-81.

When completely lost

Email Jeremy huckins or Rachel Beane