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Exporting Data

You can export many data types to a variety of formats. For exporting shape files and layers click here. For exporting tables scroll to the bottom.

Exporting Maps

For exporting maps do the following:

You can change settings here, depending on your needs

Commonly Used Formats for Integrating Into Other Mediums

Resolution is another important factor in exporting maps

300dpi is standard

500dpi is a good higher res that works on most computers

Once you start using higher resolutions that this you may run into problems on some computers

Exporting Tables

To export data from ArcGIS, select the table you want to export, right click on it, choose, data, export

To only export some of the records:

Select the record to export by opening the attribute table and select the ones you want or by using the select features tool. To select more than one record cold down the Ctrl key while choosing multiple rows.

Export data as above

Once data is exported as a table or database open it with the appropriate Office program and you can export it to other formats.

Moving Data to Igpet99