Michael Nerdahl
Bowdoin College
Department of Classics
11 Sills
Brunswick, ME, 04011
Phone (C): 336.301.4552
Phone (W): 207.725.3403

Areas of Interest
     · Literary Influences on Ancient Historiography
     · Imperial Biography
     · Latin Pedagogy


University of Wisconsin-Madison                            Ph.D. 2007, Classics
Dissertation Title:  Homeric Models in Plutarch’s Lives

University of Wisconsin-Madison                            M.A. 2002, Classics

University of Wisconsin-Madison                            B.S. 1996, Classics


Bowdoin College, Classics Department
           Visiting Assistant Professor                    2010-Present

University of Richmond, Department of Classical Studies
           Visiting Assistant Professor                    2009-10

Bowdoin College, Department of Classics:
            Visiting Assistant Professor                   2008-09

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Department of Classical Studies:
            Visiting Assistant Professor                   2007-08

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Classics:
            Assistant in Instruction                          2001-04, 2006

Refereed Publications

"Exiling Achilles: Reflections on the Banished Statesman in Plutarch's Lives," forthcoming, Classical Journal 107.3 (February-March 2012)

"Flattery and Platonic Philosophy: The Limits of Education in Plutarch's Life of Dion," forthcoming, Classical World 104.3 (2011).

"Pouring the Wrong Wax in the Literary Mold: Plutarch's Marius and Homer's Odyssey," College Literature 35.4: 110-126 (Fall, 2008).


N. Humble, ed., Plutarch's Lives: Parallelism and Purpose. (Swansea, 2010), BMCR 11.26 (2011).

M. Tröster, Themes, Character, and Politics in Plutarch's Life of Lucullus: The Construction of a Roman Aristocrat (Stuttgart, 2008), BMCR 9.44 (2008).

Invited Lectures

"Homeric Remakes: Achillean Cameos in Plutarch's Lives"
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, February 2010

Sample Conference Papers and Lectures

"Tacitus, Pliny, and the Politics of Regime Change"
Forthcoming, CANE (Needham, MA), March 2012

"Parallel Athenians: Themistocles, Alcibiades and Plutarchan Syncrisis"
APA (Philadelphia, PA), January 2012

"One Teacher's Success Reading Caesar's Bellum Gallicum"
CAAS (Elizabeth, NJ), October 2010

"Exiling Achilles? Banishment and Retribution in Plutarch's Lives"
CAMWS (Oklahoma City, OK), March 2010

“Livy and the Timely Deaths of Scipio, Hannibal, and Philopoemen”
CANE (Boston, MA), March 2009

“Plutarch’s Pompey: A Roman Paper Tiger”
CAMWS (Tucson, AZ), April 2008

“Plutarch’s Philopoemen-Flamininus: Model Statesmen for Imperial Greece?”
AAH (Tampa, FL), April 2008

“Livy, Polybius, and the Infection of the East”
CAMWS (Gainesville, FL), April 2006.

“Plutarch’s Marius: Creating Character with a View to the Odyssey
CAMWS (Madison, WI), April 2005.
In Progress

Epic Lives: Homeric Parallels in Plutarchan Biography (monograph).

"Syncrisis and Liberty in Tacitus' Agricola" (article)

"Alcibiades: Plutarch's Chameleonic Statesman" (article)

Teaching Experience

Bowdoin College:
2012, Spring     Elementary Latin II (LATN 102)
2012, Spring     Classical Mythology (CLAS 101)
2012, Spring     Greek Independent Study - Ancient Novel (GRK 291/292)
2011, Fall         Advanced Latin: Roman Tragedy (LATN 312)
2011, Fall         Elementary Latin I (LATN 101)
2011, Spring     Advanced Latin: Roman Biography (LATN 314)
2011, Spring     Immorality and Political Revolution in Ancient Rome (CLAS 225/HIST 206)
2011, Spring     Intermediate Latin for Reading - Vergil (LATN 204)
2011, Spring     Greek Independent Study - Archaic Lyric (GRK 291/292)
2010, Fall         Intermediate Greek Prose - Plato (GRK 203)
2010, Fall         Ancient Rome - History of Rome (CLAS 212/HIST 202)
2009, Spring     Introduction to Greek Civilization (CLAS 102)
2009, Spring     Advanced Latin: Roman Tragedy (LATN 312)
2008, Fall         First-Year Seminar: The Heroic Age (CLAS 017)
2008, Fall         Intermediate Latin Prose - Cicereo (LATN 203)
2008, Fall         Intermediate Greek Prose - Plato (GREK 203)

University of Richmond:
2010, Spring     Elementary Latin II (LAT 102), 2 sections
2010, Spring     Advanced Latin: Ovid (LAT 302)
2010, Spring     Greek and Roman Mythology: Drama (CLSC 208)
2009, Fall         Elementary Latin I (LAT 101), 2 sections
2009, Fall         Advanced Greek: Greek Tragedy - Euripides (GRK 302)
2009, Fall         Greek and Roman Mythology: Epic (CLSC 205)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro:
2008, Spring     Elementary Latin II (LAT 102), 2 sections
2008, Spring     Homeric Greek (GRK 204)
2007, Fall         Elementary Latin I (LAT 101), 2 sections
2007, Fall         Myth (CCI 205)

Honors Projects Supervised

Aristophanes' Acharnians: an Adaptation for Production (B. Johnson, 2011/12)

Tacitus: Tiberius and the Senate (S. Shennan, 2011/12)

Academic Honors and Grants

CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies, 2007
University Dissertator Fellowship, UW-Madison, Fall, 2006
Kramer Fellowship, UW-Madison, Summer, 2006
Slaughter Departmental Fellowship, UW-Madison, Fall, 2005
Slaughter Departmental Fellowship, UW-Madison, Spring, 2005
University Humanities Fellowship, UW-Madison, 2000-01
Gertrude Slaughter Travel Award, UW-Madison, 1996